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Part 14: Episode 14: The Other Girl Next Door.

Yeah but the  little shadow heartless were the real ones, the emblems were the ones with the big heartless logo on them, like most other enemies.  You said you weren't that far into KH2 so I won't say more, but the place I'm referring to is the last dungeon.

Continuing our sojourn into the unknown heights of the castle, lets pick up with-
Episode 14: The Other Girl Next Door.

Sora enters the white corridor with trouble on his mind.

Yes and no.

Donald has never been a patient fellow.

Priorities man! Priorities!

Another 5 second shot of the blonde girl, drawing away. It's almost like she's messing with our head... Nah that's silly.


Goofy and Donald haven't been included in this little soulsearch and have no idea what the fuck.


Nah Selphie wasn't in our cool kids crew. She hung out with that nerd Teedus.

Foreshadowing has reached critical mass. Total meltdown imminent.

Maybe that's a hint that something isn't quite right Sora.

"I feel kinda dumb- Here we are saying we won't forget our friends...
And I can't even remember her name."

Remember a certain someone's words... "To find is to lose and to lose is to find." Thought that was just some lame riddle bullshit didn't ya.

Unfortunately that's true... It seems we forgot that useful advice from the cheshire cat when we hit fifth floor.

I'm thinking Sora hates sand. That's why he's been avoiding his default first dungeon this entire game.

That was a pretty short white corridor. Tune in tommorow, same bat time, same bat thread for-

Episode 15: SURPRISE!