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Part 15: Episode 15: SURPRISE!

Here we go again!
Episode 15: SURPRISE!

Back to purple. Ah well, I like dark purple.

"You won't be scared if you know what's coming!"

That's some ass-backwards logic there Donald.





A Skellington, actually. Apparently his body is invisible in poor lighting.

"Sorry, I haven't even introduced myself.
I'm Jack Skellington!"

Ok, so I could've transcribed this one but then you'd have missed out on Jack's EVIL face, which is pretty awesome.

Why you gotta rain on the parade Donald.

I love how Jack completely ignores Donald here.

Obsessive-Compulsive Helping Disorder strikes again.

Egads! Shadow Heartless in small groups!

They brought flowers and mummies too. Sora is not impressed.

Jack hates violence.

"I'm heading for his Laboratory right now! Follow me!"

This is the point where we really start to see the memory degradation taking place. In prior worlds, the boys remembered the people they met. Donald doesn't remember meeting Jack before though. This Castle means business.


So we begin our spooky adventure of spookiness, next time in:

Episode 16: Potent Potables