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Part 16: Episode 16: Potent Potables

Short update today folks, I've been feeling sickly and its hard to be funny.

Episode 16: Potent Potables
Halloweentown is a pretty long area, which means lots of grinding for me, less content for you. But there are a few interesting things about the place.

First up our new enemies. The mummies we saw last update, there are also gargoyles and some ghosts. The ghosts were in Monstro too but very rarely and I don't think I got a picture of them.

Something new thus far, Jack tags along as a friend card and falls from heaven ala Goofy/Donald. He's pretty sweet.

Here's Jack's unique spell, Gravity. We won't be able to take our tall skinny companion out of Halloweentown though so enjoy him while you can.

I've gone though about 4 rooms but this is the first new room card in a while. Lasting Daze means if I get a first strike on the map, all enemies in the random battle will spawn stunned. Usually only the initial wave is stunned so this is a handy card.

Oh and check out my new stop card. It only freezes one enemy for now, I can sleight these to freeze the whole room though.

Remember that Blitz sleight I got earlier? This is it. Sora goes and leaps at 3 monsters slamming them for really respectable damage. This tracks so it's very nice.

Plot time!

Well that wasn't TOO smart of you.

Oh here we go.

You can almost see his ears perking up.

"The heart isn't a recording device.
Even important memories change with time.
They warp or fade, leaving us with but a shadow of what we hoped to remember"

That was deep. Replace "heart" with "brain" and it even makes sense.

"If we could recover our true memories, the world would seem completely different.
So I devised a potion made from Forget-me-nots that brings our true memories back."

SCIENCE! This extremely convienent potion seems like it would help us out though.

I hate it when my experiments work too.

Oh. Well that's just TOO great.

Touchy touchy.

Well that's just

Maybe its in the fridge. Did you even look?

Or maybe Sally took it. I feel bad for Sally in the KH series, she's barely there and usually used as a plot device.

"True memories" isn't a terribly difficult concept. People tend to color their memories, or forget parts of events or remember things in different lights with different focuses. A "true memory" is like a video recording, it shows only what happened without going through the human filter.

After the wench!

See you guys next time for more violet meanderings in:
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