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Part 17: Episode 17: Drugs Are Bad

Alright kiddies, I'm back. My computer was having image processing issues which have since been resolved. I haven't given up on you so don't give up on me!

Episode 17: Drugs Are Bad

Into Plot Door #2 we go!

We catch up with Sally in the graveyard. Wow, this actually makes a pretty radical 2 panel shot.

I wish we got to have cool sprite versions of Sora's alternate costumes from KH1 but alas.

Once again Jack ignores the questions presented and states his business.

Sally is used to that by now and doesn't seem to notice.

I say we make Donald drink it, then videotape the results.

Jack loves to try new things.

Another way to what? You wanna inject it? Rub it on the arm?

Smoke it?

Oh shi-

Not pictured- Oogie exploding out of the nearby crypt, snatching the potion off Sally and running to the bottom of the screen. Because it happens too fast and the screen flashes and all I can get is white.

"I'm just helping you put the potion to good use!
You should thank me. Well well, just one sniff and the Heartless appeared?
What would happen if I chugged the whole thing! Now THAT would be scary!
Poor Jack you just can't hold a candle to Oogie Boogie."

Oogie likes to monologue.

Yes he keeps going but he starts laughing on screen which is pretty disturbing.

Oogie runs off with our potion.

To the batmobile!

Poor Sally, truly a plot device and nothing more.

Well I reckon theres gonna be a boss fight next plot door in-

Episode 18: Never Bring Dice to a Card Fight
And since you've all been deprived of my awesomeness for a few days I'll make it a double update and post it sometime in the next couple hours.