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Part 18: Episode 18: Never Bring Dice to a Card Fight

Boss Video Link is fixed and working enjoy!

Episode 18: Never Bring Dice to a Card Fight

Looks like one of those puzzley-type boss arenas.

No we have to feed that to Donald don't drink tha-

Sora can't look!

"Ahhh, Now I can awaken my true memories!"
What kind of True Memories would Oogie even have?

Insert 'lol gas' joke here _____________.

Drinking the potion apparently has the same effect as a bad LSD trip.

BOSS 7- Oogie Boogie

Oogie is a pushover, he just takes a while to whittle down because of the dice rolling. I remember this fight being a lot harder on my first playthrough but I don't think I really understood the card system at that point.

Basically Oogie will attack us every few seconds with a 7 card, and throw a set of dice at us. Those 3 colored bars in the center of the screen are spinning, and when we break one of his 7's the roll will stop spinning and that big spikey gate comes down a level.

If you don't break the 7 a random trap will come get you like these claws from the ceiling. I think there's buzz saws or floor spikes too but I don't remember and honestly I had to 'let' this one hit me just for the screenshot. The way I set my deck up is always high cards---> low cards so I broke everything he had and he never got a single attack off on me.

Once you break 3 attacks the spikes go down and Oogie's ass is grass. He doesn't attack you at all, just runs about flailing his arms so you can beat on him to your heart's content. After 10 seconds or so an exploding die knocks you down to the lower level and you break 3 7's again.

I let Cloud kill him just cuz I could.

We took what was left to the doctor apparently.

No Goofy why don't YOU drink it.

Sora ponders this for a while.

Decides he likes being drug free.

Peer pressure! Peer pressure!

"But theres this guy... Axel. I promised him I'd find the truth on my own."

Oh yeah that guy who threw flaming chakrams at your head. Real pal, that Axel.

Even Donald and Goofy think that was a lame excuse.

"...and when Oogie drank it he was overcome with fear. What could it mean?"

Yeah that is never really explained. Personally, I think the Heartless appeared because Sora showed up in the area, and Doc there was just huffing his potion at around the same time and jumped to a faulty conclusion.

As for Oogie, forums member pointlessone gave me some new insight which I think makes a hella lot of sense:
"Oogie, after drinking the potion, was able to see he was only a construct of Sora's memory instead of being alive an well in Halloween town. He was able to see that Sora beat him once, an was fated to beat him again. Oogie, being a slave to superstition, would only throw lucky 7s in an effort to beat fate and would try to run away when Sora broke them."

"Hmm... True Memories must unbalance the heart and cause unpredictable changes within!"
Well I certainly don't want to remember things as they really happened. Being able to block memories out is one of the mind's defense mechanisms, and a very important one.

We aren't drinking the potion why would they?

"But all this is just hypothesis, I can't be sure without further research."

You would say that.

They... are?

"...As would your taste for fear, and believe me that would really ruin my fun!"

Goodbye Jack, you were the best additional party member ever.

Hey our second Great Big Bone Ladder. I think it belongs here though.

More White Corridor Hijinks will ensue next time in-

Episode 19: Girls Just Want to Have Fun