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Part 19: Episode 19: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

I love the White Corridor its so easy to update because all I have to do is take screencaps.

Episode 19: Girls Just Want to Have Fun


"She was quiet, and almost always drawing pictures.
While we were all swimming at the beach, she'd draw a picture of it instead.
Sometimes she drew us too! She was really good at it.
I think sometimes Riku and I would fight over who would get his picture drawn next."

That sounds suspiciously like tower girl. Who definately didn't live on Destiny Island.

He's done this about 5 times already but I didn't show it.

"I think our parents knew the reason. They might even have tried to explain it to me.
But I was little, I probably didn't understand what was happening.
I remember crying a little after she was gone, but that's it. I still can't remember her name."

Note the mention of Sora's parents here. This may be the only time in the series he actually mentions the fact that he has a family. In KH1 his mom had all of 1 line "Sora come down to dinner!" right before the Heartless hit his homeworld. She's never on screen and we never see or hear from her again. When Sora lands in Traverse Town, he's all "My home, my island! Riku? Kairi?!" But he never calls for mom or dad. I just always found that odd.

I'm sure we will.

I think one of the main qualifications to be a conscience is "Paranoid as all hell".

"'Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach.'
And all that stuff about finding being losing and losing being finding...
I didn't get it at first but maybe this is what they were talking about!"

Way to jump to the wrong conclusion Sora. Also I thought we had established that these people are not our friends and generally want to mess with us. Remember that?

Because you aren't important enough to be implanted with fake memories.

Cut to Axel and Larxene watching the security crystal again.

Bring it on Red, I'm ready for anything!

...but I wanted to fight Axel. Oh well, you'll do.

Axel doesn't think a first floor fight counts, hell I was still using the starter deck back then.

So they aren't trying to kill us. That's good.

I hear she's into bondage.

We'll find out what he means in KH2.

"We'll need him if we are going to take the Organization."

Do I detect hints of internal strife in the Organization? Why yes, yes I do.

Larxene warps out, to get some toys so she can go 'play' with Sora.


Back to the boys. Didn't he just say he didn't remember it like 3 minutes ago?

I could tell you her name right now but I won't!

I hate it when that happens.

Well that's it for now, next time we'll finally go to Agrabah in-

Episode 20: Wasted Wishes