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Part 21: Episode 21: An Emancipation Proclamation

-and we're back.

Episode 21: An Emancipation Proclamation

Much like our last level, Aladdin can drop from heaven and help us out. He sorta stands there and swings his sword. You can move him around with the D-pad but he's about as useful as Goofy which is to say, not very. Also, note the fat fire breathing guy who you can only attack from behind. The best way to take those out is with the summons/friend cards or using stop on them then stabbing them in the back a bunch.

Ah here we go, plot door #1.

"I need to get it to the palace right away!
I'm lucky I made it back to Agrabah in one piece! The cave was crawling with Heartless."

That... still doesn't explain why you need to get it to the palace. Also, is it really ok to whine about how hard stealing shit from a deathtrap filled treasure cave is?

Where is Abu anyways, he was there... 'helping'.

"I've been delivering happiness for 2,000 years and what help do I get?"

Yeah and I've been fighting Heartless for months and what help do -I- ge... No Donald you don't count.

I don't know if that was a big enough hint Genie. Figment Al has proven to be about as smart as a box of rocks.

I think Genie is more shocked that Al took the hint than the possibility of freedom.

"You're not just pulling my topknot now, are you?"

"Anyway there's only one thing I really want."

Easy now Genie, don't confuse him.

"I met her at a fruit stand, we stoled some apples and then like went back to my place."

I understand them having to condense the plot but this is really pushing it.

Sora's got this wishing thing figured out.

And away we go!

Be sure to stop in next time for-
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