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Part 25: Episode 25: Glimpse of Silver

Episode 25: Glimpse of Silver

Nurse that wounded pride, lady.

Damn straight.

Who let you out of the basement!

"And I know a great deal about shame!"

And by "help" he means "make you go away." Vexen is not exactly the most popular member of the Organization.

This is why they keep him in the basement.

Not that he does it very well.


"Some people just don't appreciate all the work I do for this company!"

Axel tosses Vexen a blank world card. This should be good.

<insert evil laughter>

As the screen fades to black, a familiar head of hair is just barely visible down right.

Hook, line, and sinker.

At least the boys still remember Mickey. For now.

Tune in next time for a king-sized dose of early childhood in:

Episode 26: Yoo-Hoo! Here comes Pooh!

And here's another shot of someone's fabulously foreshadowed entrance: