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Part 24: Episode 24: Her Name Is...

I've kept you waiting but hopefully it will have been worth it, because this update is all about the plot!

Episode 24: Her Name Is...

A new challenger approaches!

What tipped you off Donald? That defiant posing? The hair? Maybe the identical trenchcoat?

"Are you enjoying your stay in Castle Oblivion?
I bet it's nice to peel all the worthless memories away and awaken the true memories that lie deep in your heart..."

Yeah, keyword -lie-.

Now where have we heard that before...

"Is she... here?"

The answers to those questions are yes, and yes.

"And you, the hero, have to go save her.
Sadly there's a catch..."

Larxene ninja dashes through our party...

...and we're treated to a 5 second FMV of Sora getting knocked over and his Oathkeeper pendant getting knocked to the ground. I really don't understand why they threw that in there, as FMV looks completely terrible on the GBA.

That was the corniest line ever Larxene. I'm going to have to kick your ass on principle just for that.

As has been said, its here that we really start to see the bad effects of the Castle. A couple floors ago this pendant was the key to remembering Kairi in Sora's mind...

The memory hasn't been lost... But it has been altered. Now I don't usually show repeat images but this next bit is important so I'll leave it exactly as presented in game.

She looks so Zen here.

And now folks, we have a name.

"She's the one who gave you that cheesy good-luck charm, not that you remembered."

Larxene refers to Sora as "heartless" several times, I think what happened to Sora in Hollow Bastion has her on edge somehow.

Sora literally springs up from the floor and snatches back his shiny.

Without another word the wench jumps us.

It's time for BOSS 9- LARXENE

Larxene is fast as hell and has 2 full bars of health to knock out. She's the toughest fight since Hades and well worth the wait. Larx's main weapons are her knives, and she has a few nice combos with them but she can also throw thunderbolts at you.

Knife throwing doesnt hurt too bad, but it can set you up for a nasty combo. Larxene likes to hit you 5-6 times once she gets close. She doesn't teleport in this fight but she does float, and when she reloads she'll usually do it up in the air so you have to chase her down.

Here's her sleight, FORCE LIGHTNING! bzzzzzzzzzt.
This is annoying because A) it will hit you no matter where you are on screen. B) you're stunned during the duration so you can't 0 break out of it, and C) you're left stunned after it ends so she comes over and combos you. It's breakable but you have to be really really fast. Larx has the same issue Hades did though, she spams sleight so she'll run out of cards and need to reload semi-constantly if you wait it out. I think the Hades fight was harder since we did it so early, but Larxene gives him a good run for his money.

Watch this one, since Larxene is only ever fightable in KH:CoM (till we get remix stateside) this is one of the only chances you'll get to see her in action. Plus the 13 battle theme is just badass.

One of the few times in the series Sora is actually pretty pissed off. Larxene has that effect on people.

"If you're going to be a baby then here, play with these."

Larx tosses us a new stack of world cards, since we ran out after Agrabah.

And she warps out. Why do only the bad guys ever get cool warping powers?

The boys and Jiminy run up from downscreen.

Oh Sora, what will we do with you...

You thought I was gonna post a picture of a world card and announce where we're going next didn't you? Didn't you!? But no, because we're only halfway done with this white corridor. I'll see you next time for even more plotty goodness in-

Episode 25: Glimpse of Silver