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Part 26: Episode 26: Yoo-hoo, Come Here Pooh

I honestly forgot how retarded the 100 acre wood is. It's essentially a bonus dungeon, there's no monsters. There's a few nice presents inside, and I will get all of them for you guys.

Episode 26: Yoo-hoo, Come Here Pooh
There are a -LOT- of screenshots for this level, so I'll be splitting it into 2 parts.

I don't want to... No... Sora stop!

God damn it. Welcome to the 100 acre wood.

That's nice. I don't care.

Pooh logic is very... unique.

Well nobody lives in nowhere so maybe you'll find him there!

"But if I start eating I'll have to stop searching..."

Obsessive-Compulsive Helping Disorder strikes again.

Pooh's friends are at most 20 yards away.

Walking 20 yards to wave hi to people != searching the known world for people.

"Now just a minute, I'm Pooh, not you."

"So why don't we look for them together?"

This place is entirely optional by the way, leaving via either end of the forest at any time will result in the Pooh book being completed. You won't get all the nice presents though. We're here for shinies! Lets get em!

Yay instructions for our minigame. I just want to show you guys the pain I went through recording this.


Pooh is sort-of following us around in this level. By sort-of I mean he walks about 1/4 your speed, he gets distracted by anything that moves, or doesn't move, and he frequently stops to think, or sit down for no apparent reason.

We get Pooh to follow us with the grace a small dog who was recently hit by a car, by waving at him with the R button. Here Pooh! C'mere! There's a good Pooh.

He'll go to sleep if you don't constantly give him commands, or even if you do. The honey, excuse me, hunny jar up in the corner is Pooh's stamina bar. Letting that run out would be bad I'm sure so lets not.

When Pooh is confronted with a hunny jar on screen he will ignore the shit out of you and go for it, even if he's at full stamina. This bear I swear.

Rabbit was literally ten feet away. He's working in his garden or something. Pooh, being Pooh, refuses to talk to Rabbit. Weren't we looking for your friends Pooh?

We continue walking, and for no reason whatsoever hop into Rabbit's cabbage cart. This is fun isn't it Pooh?

Oh bother, we broke it. Let's not fix it or inform Rabbit, but soldier on in search of people we can actually speak to.

Why hello there Piglet!

"Um, oh, no, I mean, I'm not NOT Pooh's friend... I'm...I'm..."

Piglet proves you can indeed use more than 4 comma's in a single sentence.

Pooh wasn't visible behind Sora's shoes, apparently.

Rabbit is ten feet away Piglet. You know what? I give up trying to explain Pooh-land. It's just this tiny bubble of .

Can you guys hear their voices in your head when you read the dialogue too? It's just like... So ingrained in my childhood.


"I wouldn't know what to do with it. You can have it."

I think this is a sleight. I can't check because you can't access your menu in Pooh-land. Lovely. Well one shiny gotten, lets get some more.

Just ahead we find holes in the ground. Leading your Pooh into a hole will result in him floating out of the hole with magic balloons from no where. We want to drive Pooh over to the large balloon stack up top there.

Pooh floats up, hopefully out of our lives. Alas, Owl was in the nearby tree and rescues him.

Yes then you wouldn't need my help and I could you know, get back to saving Namine' or whoever I was so intent on saving like a half an hour ago.

"Once you find your friends, how do you get down to them?
A balloon goes where the wind blows. You've no control over where you go.
What if you saw your friends but the wind kept them just out of reach?
I think I'd rather keep looking for my friends, than find them and not be able to reach them."

Shut up Owl.

Awwww damn well there goes that idea.

Pooh is far more excited about running up to honey on his own than he is about being dragged into talking to his supposed friends, if this minigame is any indication.

I don't show them very often but that was definately worthy of an elipses.

Shiny! Spellbinder is a Keyblade card, hopefully a good one. I can't tell again, because I CAN'T ACCESS MY MENU.

Well folks I think that's enough Pooh for now. Tune in next time, IF YOU DARE for-

Episode 27: ...And Tigger Too!