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Part 27: Episode 27: ...And Tigger Too!

Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff.
He's Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, Willy nilly silly old bear!

Now it's in your head. This was my evil plan. Tally ho!

Episode 27: ...And Tigger Too!

As we continue down the path I notice some rather obvious footprints leading to a hole. Let's throw Pooh in and see what happens.

Well I'll be, Roo was in the hole!

Tigger is unsuprisingly, five feet further down the path.

Heh, even Pooh thinks that was dumb.

"Then when Tigger fell in the hole, there I'd be!
Tigger would be so surprised. Doesn't it sound fun?"

Sora has no right to knock other people's stupid plans after Agrabah.

"By the way I found this in the hole. Why don't you take it?"

Alright here's Tigger. He's bouncing in a circle on the 4 stumps. However Pooh has no way of getting Tigger's attention. This isn't about finding our friends see, this is about triggering mechanisms by which our friends pay attention to us. Like Rabbit the solution to this is further on.

Here's Eeyore. Pooh won't talk to him either. Eeyore's tail is up in that tree but I can't get it down by hitting it or jumping. Hmmm.

Walking a bit more brings me close to an active beehive. Giving that a whack with my keyblade (oh no BEES! ) sends them after Pooh. Run Forest run!

Pooh runs into the tree, thus knocking down Eeyore's tail. (Zelda Key Item Noise)

I'm sorry this isn't more interesting but really, Captain and Captain having a conversation is never going to be oscar worthy.

Geez guys, way to be complete dicks. "Oh we helped you? Not intentional."

"But I'm still obliged, thank you Pooh and Sora"


Phew, crisis averted.

Yay, another sleight! I'll have to put together a nice little video of all of these and all the summons once we get them.

A little further down we come to 4 shorter stumps in the same pattern as Tigger's were. Roo is nearby, and says "You can't just bounce you have to do it right!" So lets make our tubby little cubby do some work.

This is painful to watch.

Tigger comes down to watch the spectacle.

There's a WRONG way to bounce?

"You gotta try all kinds of bouncin'! Make up your own style! I'm Tigger, and you're you! That's what makes it fun!"

Since nothing ELSE short of a nuclear strike would get your attention...

Here I go!

Tigger springs around the stumps like a moron.

"You gotta bounce your own way if you want to be a bouncer like Tigger!"

Another sleight! I really wonder what these do.

Moving on (theres only one more thing left to do,) we come to some poles sticking out of the ground. Let's smack them back into the ground for no reason other than the fact that we can.

Do you have to sleep IN the honey Pooh? Jesus...

Ok since we've broken Rabbit's cart and smashed the poles, cabbages now start rolling down the hill. One ran over Pooh here. Heh heh. The object is now to smack cabbages as they come into a nice little cabbage-pyramid.

Like so.


Ah, the cabbage roller presents himself.

That didn't work out so well Rabbit but since you ran over Pooh with cabbage I'll forgive you.

I just said that. Also, they totally went overboard with the puppy-dog eyes on Rabbit here. He's so cute!

Oh. About that... See...

Sora, that's called lying by omission. And lying is bad. I've told you this before.

Pooh is easily distracted.

"Thank you very much, I don't know how I would've managed without you."

Another sleight!

Talking to Rabbit afterwards has him a bit concerned. Whoopsies!

That was it! We're done! This log is our exit portal! Lets get out of...


I was supposed to get one more shiny. Why didn't Pooh give me my shiny? Oh he wasn't on screen and close enough to trigger the leaving cutscene. I haven't saved since starting this place. OH MY GOD I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER. I... I...

"So what do you think Pooh, wasn't it more fun looking for friends together?"

...and we're back folks with what was SUPPOSED to happen.

"Whew, I've walked so far I think I need a little rest."

Yes, but shiny first.


And I should light this book on FIRE as soon as I leave it.

I'll put the ashes in a little jar on my bookshelf.

This is a boldfaced lie, as you'll see/have seen in KH2.

Yes folks I replayed that entire level for BAMBI. Excuse me while I go poke my eyes out with needles.

YES YES I WOULD. Wait why are you giving me this here? I've never been given a prompt before only a save cube... This could only mean one thing. Upcoming Boss Fight. Now I should stop right here since this has gone on quite long enough but since I had to replay this twice I'm going to give you guys a present. An EVIL present. See you next time in:

Episode 28: Two Men Enter, One Man Leaves