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Part 29: Episode 29: Sleights, Summons, and Stolen Shinies

Answer: Yeah he does, Riku even has Mako eyes.

Also, Disney is full of romance stories, we've roamed through constructs of several so far. Hell, Simba had -babies- with Nala and he's been following us around since early in KH1, Sora could take pointers from him.

Image storm commencing!

Episode 29: Sleights, Summons, and Stolen Shinies

Like I promised I'm going to show off all the new stuff we got in Pooh land, so I'll make a new secondary deck (you can have up to 3) full of magic and summon cards. Why is it called STEVE? Because DOOMTRAIN didn't fit. Also because this deck is utterly useless so I found it fitting.

Here's the Spellbinder keyblade card. Its a 4 so it's worthless, and it has the same stats as the Olympia's I've been using for ages, except it deals lightning damage.

Synchro is also useless. Its a pain to make, (Cure+Gravity+Aero) and my Sora runs around with far too much HP for it to be useful. I went downstairs via crystal ball so I could have easy mobs to demonstrate on if you were wondering why I'm in traverse town.

I can't even MAKE this yet as I don't have tinkerbell.

Bambi usually pops out and drops 4 small HP balls making him probably the worst summon EVER. This makes him sleightly (get it) useful since he pops out and jumps on all the enemies heads, confusing them for a few seconds.

Here's Aero and Graviga which I can finally make on my own. Enjoy the pictures as you'll never see these worthless magic cards again.

At this point in the game even the exp monsters get a lot tougher. It's good to make a throwaway deck and load it with cures so you can switch to it, heal to full in a random battle, then run away and equip your normal deck. Dying isn't really a big deal in this game but I don't like to die anyways.

Just a sidenote, I've updated my main deck with a second potion and a second heal card, (Cure wasn't cutting it anymore,) and removed nearly all of the kingdom keys in favor of stronger keyblade cards. Atlantica isn't too tough by itself but what comes after will be.

Under the Sea... Under the Sea...

I can't make jokes when you make them for me guys.

I like how Goofy's answer is "A wizard did it."

I'm so sorry to dissapoint my fellow goons, but there is neither swimming nor musical concerts in this iteration of Atlantica. I just sortof walk around like normal... But with bubbles when I hit things.

Exactly Donald.

Something shiny shines shinily at the scarlet swimmer's side.

Ariel exits stage right.

We're thrown into the level. I'll give Atlantica one thing, it doesn't try to butcher the real story like Agrabah did. It's just sortof a standalone adventure.

There's lots of new enemies here, starting with the fish-men.

Here's the new pirranah enemy and my Cura spell. The best part about Cura is that you can sleight any card in the front of it, so you don't lose your cure cards. I like to abuse the friend cards for this since they dissapear after one use anyways.

HELLO THERE! I've been waiting for one of these for ages. This is a special door card that goes to a special treasure room door. There's one treasure room on every floor. This card is pretty rare and I was getting worried that I'd never find one.

Here's the jellyfish and balloon-head monsters. The balloons are really annoying since they tend to play 6+ cards and have a large chunk of health. Good exp though.

Its been ages since I showed off a new door key. False Bounty gives us a room with 3 treasure boxes and a normal amount of enemies. Only one of the boxes has a present inside though.

Oh yay... Stop giving me useless magic sleights you dumb game.

There's pretty much nil story this update so lets poke some more new door keys now that we can. Black mushrooms are hard to kill and can turn immune to damage. They also hit me for about a 5th of my enormous healthbar and can stun. This room is more dangerous to Sora than the last 4 bosses have been.

White mushroom rooms are... Interesting. I equip my trusty STEVE deck before going in. The mushrooms don't attack you they just mimic being cold, (cast fire on them) hot, (cast blizzard on them) and having a light bulb on their head (cast thunder on them). If you do this they dance happily and give you presents. If you mess up then they cry and run away and you get no presents.

That's enough out of me though, lets see what's back here.

Obsessive-Compulsive Helping Disorder strikes again. You can say no Sora, I promise I won't judge you for it.

"Someone stole the king's magic Trident. Atlantica is defenseless!
And to top it off, Princess Ariel has disappeared!
King Triton is worried sick. He won't leave his chambers."

Dude if somebody stole MY trident and my daughter was missing I'd be out there kicking ass not sulking in my room.

I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that.

"Hey wasn't she carrying something when we saw her?"

It was like... the size of an earring. I guess it's MAGICAL.

Guys he's right there, he can totally hear you.

"It's all my fault! Sebastian you are the world's worst guardian.
What if she ran away because of my nagging? King Triton will banish me forever!"

Oh lord it's spreading.

I guess we will! But that was it for today folks. See you next time in-

Episode 30: Not The Face!