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Part 30: Episode 30: Not The Face!

Steve was just a harmless Resident Evil reference because the names will never show up outside the status screen, and DOOMTRAIN really didn't fit, it was one letter short.

Episode 30: Not The Face!

Knock knock. Who's there? Why it's door number two!

Look at all those boxes we'll never be able to interact with... I'm going to cry.


Sora, Donald, and Goofy abuse thier enemy's greatest weakness, Line of Sight, by standing right where they came in at.

"Poor Flounder has been swept away to the human world!
That's no place for a little fish. Why, if we don't hurry, you might not have a friend to save..."

"You can save Flounder! Lend me the trident, and I'll help you!"
Why do we need Ursula to help us, and how the hell did the witch find out Flounder was even missing? Ariel could have just asked Triton to get him back couldn't she?

Where is Ariel even keeping the trident? In her seashells?

"Well you can come see me once you've made up your mind."

I've always thought Ursula was one of the better (character-wise) Disney villians because she's evil... But evil the same way as a debt collector is. She's always making deals and trades, of course in her favor but the other person has to agree to it before she'll rake em over the coals.

That was the most logical thing Sora has said this entire game.

"Ursula's up to no good, it's written all over her face."

If this was real, Ariel would already have caved to Ursula's demands. Construct Ariel is made of sterner stuff.

"Ursula's the only one who can help..."

If I had a dollar for every time Sora just HAD to help someone...

Sora is just smug since he knows he's beaten the Sea Witch before. Unlike a couple other worlds, the boys' memories of Atlantica have been intact so far. I guess the swimming controls and endless looping music seared themselves deep into thier brains, I mean... hearts.

And out of the plot door we go.

Ariel now shows up as a friend card, she does a twisty spin across the room hitting things in a horizontal line. Verdict? Useless.

Yay a new sleight! Oh wait, its another MAGIC sleight. Verdict? Also useless.

I did go and find the treasure door for the level but all that was in it was Quake, another magic sleight (Gravity+Simba+Summon) and frankly that's crap compared to what I want. I'll just keep hold of it for now.

Time to storm the castle!

"You said you could save Flounder if I gave you the trident, well, prove it!"

Right, like that's going to work...

Or maybe it will?

Ursula shows us Flounder then immediately sits on him. If that doesn't scar the poor fish for life I don't know what will.

I knew someone was going to use that pun during this level!

This could be solved right now with a keyblade to the face Ariel, just say the word.

Not pictured: Ariel handing Ursula a tiny shiny sparkley thing. Because sparkles do not screencap well.

Like we haven't heard THAT before.

See? Kept her end of the bargain.

"You always wanted to see other worlds didn't you?
Well dear I know just the world to send you to!
Unfortunately this will be a one way trip!"

Really Ariel, you couldn't just let me beat her up before you gave her the trident? Now I have to do things the hard way. Sigh.

Good thing I'm not one of them, right? Let's treat this walking sushi bar to the power of the Keyblade. Oh, and in case you didn't notice here's BOSS 11- URSULA.

The way this works is that Ursula has two tentacles guarding her face. We knock them out and then she's open for a good smacking.

Like so. The tentacles grow back very quickly though so it's a pretty long fight. She has less HP than Riku did, but she's a lot harder.

The Mickey emblem card shows up again in this fight. We haven't seen it for a while, have we? Anyways it just makes her kneel down for a quick face smashing.

Ursula has three attacks (not counting the tentacles hitting you.) The first is a plain old lightning bolt.

The second is bubbles that seek you out and hit you, causing confuse status. Confuse reverses your controls, and if you watch the video you'll see me sucking for a few seconds when I got hit with it.

JESUS CHRIST. Her third attack is a super lazer death beam which sweeps across the screen and will destroy you pretty badly if you get caught in it.

First fight I had to actually heal since Hades. I salute you Ursula.


I wonder if people exploding into crystals when they die is just normal nowadays? No one seems to notice it.

You have fun looking for it Ariel, if it's reverted to earring mode that's gonna take a while.

Yeah, Triton does seem like the type to only ground you after putting thousands of lives at risk. Parents these days.

"If you can hear me please answer!"

Sebastian finally came up with the idea of 'go to the most stupid place Ariel could possibly have gone and I'll find her!'

Quick hide out of line of sight! He'll never find us if we aren't on camera!


"But... I can't do that."

Sora is puzzled by the act of a person taking responsibility for their actions.

"I know I haven't made the best descisions lately...
It was a mistake to take the trident.
But I made the mistake because I wanted to help you flounder. I'm proud of that.
Blaming someone else would mean giving those feelings up, so I'm going to tell the truth."

It still doesn't make sense to Sora.

Oh you haven't said anything about any of those lies we told earlier go update your livejournal.

... So now he lies to cover for the fact that he supports lying. BAD SORA.

Anyways, that's it for Atlantica. Up the Great Barnacle Ladder...

And a hug for the save cube.

Thats all today folks, remember to tune in next time for awesome card battlin' action in-

Episode 31: The Riku Strikes Back