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Part 31: Episode 31: The Riku Strikes Back

Ah the joys of anime style. Don't worry folks although we won't be having any more votes (for a while) there's still quite a gauntlet of things for Sora to do. Also, this thread has already had 30 updates averaging 55-90 pics per. It's not nearly as short as you might think. And as I said before we'll be moving right into KH1 as soon as I've wrapped this up.

Episode 31: The Riku Strikes Back
This is actually a pretty short update, but I'm blaming Sora for that.


Oh just Riku. Still sporting the skirt and spandex.

Seriously, Riku's just fine. A little brain damaged from the tower climb but no worse than we are.

This is true.

Is that guilt Sora?

Riku says what we all think about Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka.

Yeah, he sounds like an asshole. This is nothing new or exciting Sora.

That one girl... she liked trains. And that kid with the ball... And the one with uneven shorts... Oh you meant FACES? No, can't remember that.

"You forget all the useless stuff and remember for the first time what really matters.
I remembered it Sora, the one thing most important to me.
I'm staying here to protect Namine'. Nothing else matters!"

That isn't how the tower works at all Riku.

Sora hate monologue!



Its just the same as last time with a few new abilities. Riku is out for your ass this time and he's faster than you are. Same jumping attack and stabbing attacks. His combos can still stun you, and he still has that Incrementor to up his card values too.

The new addition is his DARK FIRAGA sleight. It hits fairly hard and knocks you back. This fight is a lot easier to play defensively, breaking his firagas and ethers and waiting him out a bit.

This is a good example of a defensive fight. Sidenote: I'm going to be pumping Sora's HP a lot more from now on since I spent the last few worlds working on his CP. He's going to need it!

Awww did wittle Weak-u get his butt handed to him? Is he gonna cry?

"C'mon Riku, lets quit pushing each other around and go help Namine'."

"That's so like you. You're always trying to worm your way into my heart."

Remember boys, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in fanfiction.

Not gay. Not gay at all.

Oh great, Sora is a STALKER.

We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin. Defeating Riku netted us WARPINATOR. Which is a fancy way to say Death I guess since saying Death is totally too hardcore for the young children playing this game.

Meanwhile at the top of our tower, Namine' is getting a visit from Uncle Axel.

Cryptic? Indubitably.

Whose side are you on Axel? Hmmm...

"We both want to help Namine' so why are we fighting?
I mean Riku and I have bumped heads over stuff in the past..."

You're the one who started the second fight Sora.

How does that work?

"You, Riku, and Kai... Kai...
And um... What's her name?"

Uh oh. I don't like the sound of that.

Wait for it...

OH NO! Kairi has been completely wiped out of Sora's head! I can't say it was much of a loss really, Kairi's been a complete moron so far. Not that I support castle-induced brainwashing but eh.

Up the stairs and through the door. Neverland awaits this floor. Will you all come back for more? In-

Episode 32: Loss of Purpose