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Part 32: Episode 32: Loss of Purpose

Out of respect for um... Well let's just say I'll leave Riku and his soul-raping eyes up there for a week or until I feel disturbed enough to change it.

Episode 32: Loss of Purpose

You know it's not in the cutscene but there is a door in the back of this room that leads back to the white corridor. I wonder if the people who live in the constructs can see it.

Brilliant deduction Donald. The floor is actually rocking up and down in the scene too, in case you wonder why the next shots will have our heroes standing at different heights.

There's only one way out of the room guys, it's not that big of a decision.


Yeah you know how they had some pretty good memories of Atlantica? Neverland has been totally wiped.

This is a dumb idea guys. "Oh look its a fairy lets follow it "

Welcome to Captain Hook's pirate ship. We won't be going to any 'land' so I think this title is misleading.

There are a couple new enemies here, the glider pirates up top and the er.. pirate pirates below. Nothing fancy.

Here's Zantetsuken, by the way. This is the perma breaker sleight its all SLASH!

Another new door key. Looming darkness has lots of strong enemies that move really fast and chase you down. Not my favorite room. However it was a really good exp haul and when I leveled up...

Now this... THIS... is a sleight I can get behind. There's only one problem, to makes it we need 3 attack cards that add up to 1-6. I don't have anything less than a 6 in my deck, since anything less than a 6 is constantly broken.

6+0+0 = 6. PROBLEM SOLVED. I have lots of 6's in my deck and 2 handy little 0's at the back. I get a free Ars Arcanum every time I reload. Just so you guys understand how badass this is, here's the drill: Sora rapid fires off EIGHT keyblade swings then...

Jumping attack finisher! I can clear an entire random battle with this move if I get it lined up right. Since it IS only a 6 it's vulnerable to breaking by tough enemies and bosses but if you want a good clean headshottin' machine for exp up, Ars Arcanum is your best friend.

Alright enough joy and jubilations, lets get down to business.

Fourth wall status: Broken.

Squares actually goofy.

She's a fairy she doesn't HAVE feathers.

Peter Pan has flown in from up right. He looks rather miffed.

We're very close to the top of the tower now... It's starting to show.

It's starting to show BADLY.

At least they remember each others names still, right?

Sora! Donald! Goofy!

Says the pretty-boy in the green spandex.

This is too sad to be funny. It's like they cooked his poor little brain.

"I'm just lying low until it's time to make my move."

Well if YOU aren't captured then WE aren't captured either so there! Hell I can leave this boat any time I want to.

"I didn't expect there to be so many watchmen though.
I sent Tink to look for a way around...
But all she found was you."

"If we all make a big enough racket maybe we can distract the pirates!"

Does slaughtering thier crew at will constitute racket? If so we've been making rather a lot of it and will continue to do so for a while yet.

Tinkerbell flies up front and shakes violently. Either that was a fairy "yes" or she's having a seizure.

Oh Peter, you usually hang out with a bunch of underage furries I'm sure we won't ruin your image.

Well that's it for that door, and now Peter Pan has joined us as a friend card for a while.

He's pretty much exactly like Aladdin, in that he's steerable and has a sharp pointy front end with which to stab things. Verdict? Mildly useful.

Next time on KH:CoM, the UNTHINKABLE happens. Namely I die for the first time. HOW? You'll just have to tune in for-

Episode 33: Hook, Line, and Sinker


Also, can anybody spot the continuity error in this post? If you do I'll let you name a boss condition for Hook (as if he needed to be harder) as long as it isn't ridiculous like "Beat Hook with STEVE".