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Part 33: Episode 33: Hook, Line, and Sinker

That's definately doable. Well, lets get it going then!

Episode 33: Hook, Line, and Sinker

The treasure room this level needed a blue 2 and i have every single blue except a 2.

Yay for recycled movie lines!


"I want to go home to London."

"Stay here in Neverland and you can be a kid forever!
Every day'll be an adventure. If you go back to London you'll stop being a kid.
You'll grow up and then we'll never see each other again!"

Immortal childhood or mortal adulthood. Decisions descisions...

"I just want to be friends!"

In hindsight Wendy decided it would have been a better idea to tell Peter about going home AFTER she was rescued.

Goofy is all about plot advancement.

Yeah lets just leave her here that way at least we know where she is.

And maybe cows can fly. Anyways we leave the poor lass to fend for herself, and head out of the door and up to the deck. A nice touch was that once Peter has abandoned us he's no longer a friend card in the level.

Avast ye door, open says me!

Are pirate ships usually pink?

Wait, hold on a minute...

Unfortunately this little pow wow took too long for the dear Captain.

"Uncilvilized brats! You're in cahoots with Peter Pan and no mistake!"

But we just voted that he wasn't our friend.

Seeing that Hook was not to be reasoned with, Sora falls back to go old fashioned threats.

Oh no, he's making her walk the plank!

Well I don't think he can as there aren't any sharks in Neverland as far as I know. There are crocodiles though...

It's Peter Pan!

Hook does have a good reason for his anti-Pan crusade. Having your hand chopped off and fed to a crazy stalker crocodile would make me rather upset too.

Hook dives for Wendy but Peter just grabs her and flies off.


Let me just say that Hook is a pain in the ass. There are several reasons for this. The first is his stage is tilting back and forth because we're on a boat. Sora is sliding up and down with the stage and it makes hitting difficult.

The second is his attacks. Hook can leap at you and stab you with his rapier, or he can throw these exploding bouncing bomb presents at you. Sliding to the bottom of the stage means all the bombs are going to slide right down with you. These do heavy damage.

Hook has TWO sleights. Combo&Present, where he does a whirling sword attack followed by a few presents to the face, is not so bad. Rush&Present, where he chain fires off 6 or so exploding bombs, can one shot me even with this much health if I get pinned down. He also has TWO buff cards he casts on himself. His first "All Zeros" unsprisingly changes his ENTIRE DECK to 0's. When that wears off he'll cast "Second Chance", which just means he'll have one hp left even if your attack would have killed him (unless he only has 1 hp.) Since we're using a multi-hit to finish him this won't be an issue.

My first death this game goes to Captain Hook. I salute you Captain.

Challenge: No friend cards, Finish with Ars Arcanum (I used a potion on accident, but it didn't really change anything.)

Hell no we don't I wasn't allowed to use Peter that fight.

"But I couldn't just stand by when things got out of hand.
It looks like I might've underestimated you though, you did good!"

You only took his hand Pete, I took his HEAD!

"First you'll forget what it feels like to be a kid, then you'll forget about me."

Sora "..."'s throughout this coversation by the way.

"But when you try to remember me, the memories will be gone.
You'll forget little by little, one memory at a time.
Once you grow up there won't be a single memory left."

Alert, monologue imminent!

"But that doesn't mean the memories are gone!
It's more like... Like they're sleeping.
So when the right thing comes along and wakes the memory up we can remember it.
The memories engraved in our hearts never go away. I'm sure of it."


"It's funny. Grownups shouldn't be able to see me anymore...
But I have a feeling you guys just might be different.
Okay, Sora! If you say we'll meet again, then I believe you!"

Well Goofy and Donald are technically grownups aren't they?

"Goodbye, Sora. I'll be waiting to see what you look like all grown up!"

Yay presents! That don't explode!

Yes, a moogle just fell from the sky and squashed Donald for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It then got up and walked off screen. I... I don't know any more than you folks.

Well that card we got from Tink was apparently Tink's sister Bink, who will now join the rest of the summons (except Cloud) in the bin. Oh, I also finally got a Cloud-9, which you may notice ripping Captain Hook up rather decently in the boss video. Nice upgrade from the 4 he used to be.

Up the Great Big Ladder...

And here's my save cube. Yay me!

Next time on KH:CoM, hopefully I won't have to transcribe so much text in-

Episode 34: Vexing Vexen