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Part 34: Episode 34: Vexing Vexen

I'm just glad I got my avatar before you posted THAT picture.

Episode 34: Vexing Vexen

So did I, where'd the little bugger go?

Maybe he's off powering up for our FINAL CONFRONTATION or something.

Meanwhile, in the Hall of Justice:

"Riku could be hiding as part of some elaborate plan to lure Sora deeper into the Castle."

I think Sora's a lot more concerned with Namine' than Riku at the moment. My, how things have changed since Floor 1... Also it's now confirmed that Riku was acting under Vexen's orders. More on that later.


Why, hello there Tutorial Man! It's been a very long time, glad to see you're doing well.

Finally we have a name and a face to go with him. A rather fruity name but Marluxia is a rather fruity guy.

"I am No.4 and I will not stand for your snide remarks!"

Vexen tries to pull rank.

"Defy me and you defy the Organization."

He fails miserably. (For the curious Larxene is No. 12 and Axel is No. 8.)

"This lapse must be reported to the Superior."

KH2 That would be Xemnas. 

The Superior is sleeping right now. Waking him up to report incompetence could be a CAPITAL error for said incompetent.

Blackmail is bad kids.

What, wait!

Alright folks, resetting keyblade from 'stun' to 'kill'. This is now serious business.

Vexen I hate to tell you this but... Marluxia doesnt think you're going to win. No hard feelings right?

Vexen phases out. I wonder who our next corridor boss is going to be?

Vexen is now officially fucked. If he comes after me, I'll kill him. If the Superior finds out he's a moron, well, he'll kill him. Catch22'd!

Marluxia has plans. Plans that do not include Vexen.

Oh hey Namine, I guess you were in the security room this whole time. And from the way you're being antagonized I'd say you don't really like working for these people.

It can talk!

Back on the tenth floor...

Aw hell nah.

This promise wouldn't be something you 'just' remembered about Namine' because I'm really getting sick of that...

"I said I'd always keep her safe, no matter what.
But I didn't remember until I started forgetting everything else.
I can't believe I forgot something that important!
But now I can still make up for it now. From now on I'm keeping my promise."

Not only did he 'just' remember it, he had to monologue about it.

You don't even know the half of it cricket.

Next time on KH:CoM, we'll explore Holler Bastshun! in-

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