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Part 35: Episode 35: Castle in a Castle

I don't mind good fan art, you can post it! Marluxia's hair in CoM is brownish but it has a very strawberry pink tinge. I guess making him all pink went better. (also glad you did spoiler that one thing since I'm going to be making extreme fun of it when we get to him.)

Episode 35: Castle in a Castle

Welcome to Hollow Bastion. This run down old ruin used to be a pretty swell place before it became a den of evil and such. Now however it's home to some of the nastiest heartless and a mean ol' witch.

Camera shifts to down right.

Beast is a badass for several reasons, the first being he didn't need Sora's help to rescue Belle.

Belle has other ideas though.

Princesses who don't want rescuing? I don't understand...

Neither does Beast.

Belle walks off leaving Beast speechless. Sora runs down center to question this madness.

That's just destructive thinking my friend.

The second reason Beast is a badass is he didn't ask for Sora's help.

There's a few new enemy types here, the gargoyles are pretty generic and the black mages are squishy but cast thundaga and stuff so taking them out fast is best.

There are also shield knights. I hate shield knights. You can only attack them from behind, they have massive hp, counterattack, and cast fireballs at you. Yuck.

A door key I haven't used yet is Guarded Trove. This one has a chest up a ladder guarded by a heartless battle. Fun fact, you can run away from the heartless and ninja the box anyways. Not that I do that, because I love exp!

And all that sweet sweet exp is being converted directly into the HP bar.

Oh yeah remember how we had one of these? I popped the door finally.

Inside is... another summon.

In a random treasure box I got a new Sleight, Reflect Raid. This one is fun because its Cloud+any 2 keyblades so I can actually do it. Its like Strike Raid only the keyblade zooms around the screen homing in on heartless for a decent length of time. Not too shabby.

I leveled up and got Holy but I don't have 2 of the cards I need to make it.

Enough game mechanics that no one cares about, back to the story!

Just to let you guys know I cleared the entire castle of it's heartless infestation while trying to find this room.

Heh. No.

He thought she was just visiting her aunt or something.

"That witch Maleficent forced me to come here.
I have no one to talk to. Books are all I have to ease my loneliness.
And then there's him... Oh, I've missed him so much."

Goofy says what we're all thinking.

Sora follows up with a guilt trip.

Don't worry lady I'll take care of her.

Sora and co. run down right.

Well this -is- her castle.

Because Belle isn't stupid. In fact she's probably the smartest Disney heroine of the older films.

And she was doing so well right up until taunting the villian.

The witch warps them both out.

One day Sora, you'll learn not to go hide and just kick some ass when the bad guy shows up the first time! Awww who am I kidding you won't ever learn that will you.

Was there ever any doubt?

Tune in next time for more VIOLENCE in-

Episode 36: Dungeons and Dragons