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Part 36: Episode 36: Dungeons and Dragons

All the friends were pretty fun in KH2, although my favorite team ability had to be Aladdin's, that thing ripped apart everything on the screen. Second only to Whirlygoof in my eyes. Whirlygoof was god-mode though.

Episode 36: Dungeons and Dragons

After combing the castle, Sora finally thinks to check the basement.

Things are getting ugly down here.

"The Beast isn't the only one you have to deal with!"

Sora to the rescue!

"Unless of course, you want to join in the screaming!
Yes, when that brute hears your shrieks of terror, he'll come right to me!"

Now THAT was an entrance. Sora needs to take pointers from this guy.

Sometimes we must be cruel to protect the ones we love...

" My hideous form is punishment for being selfish and unable to love.
Transformed into a monster, loved by no one, I only became more selfish.
And then I met you Belle.
You're the only person who accepted me.
Little by little you warmed my cold, selfish heart.
The memories of our days together are my most precious. I won't cast them aside.
So I'm sorry... But I can't leave you here even if you hate me for it."

Best monologue in the game, bar none.

She worked so hard to keep him safe... And he threw it all away for her.

Oh shi-

Belle! Don't!

Belle takes the bullet and poofs into a heart, which Maleficent steals.

"It seems her cold words spoke little of her true feelings.
Ha ha ha, she loves you Beast! I can feel it shining in her heart!"

Maleficent warps out in style.

Oh yeah I forgot you were here Sora.

Well this is his game Beast.

I don't think you could stop him if you wanted to Beast. He's got this condition see...

And we run right out of the plot door. Belle needs us!

Beast now joins as a friend card for the all of 3 minutes between doors. Summoning him makes him run across the screen like a big purple caped freight train. Verdict? Badass.

Must save Belle! Hurry!

We've chased the evil witch all the way out to the courtyard.

"And as your reward I will tell you why Belle rejected you.
My dark magic requires hearts of the utmost beauty.
Belle was perfect. Deep in her heart her love for you shone with uncommon radiance.
But she guessed my plans.
By denying her love for you she put her heart beyond my reach."

It's never good when the bad guy laughs.

"I did it to erase your doubts. Now your heart is beginning to shine with love for Belle.
The perfect fuel for my dark magic! I shall have your heart too, monster!"

Not today witch!

Evil green fire? That... that's bad isn't it... It must be time for-

Yikes! Well Dragon Maleficent is mean but I think Hook is worse personally.

She can bite you on the head... If she misses she'll bite 2-3 times but its not too hard to break or dodge.

She can also breath green fire on you, which leaves these little piles of magical burning fire on the ground. If you hit those you'll get Mickey emblem cards and those are very useful for this fight...

Because you can only attack her head, and her head when standing is higher than you can jump. The Mickey emblem gives you this nice rock pile to stand on and puts her face in easy jumping reach. Her third attack is a ground stomp which doesn't look like anything when taken a picture of, basically the screen shakes a bit and you take damage. The stomp will knock over your rock pile and you'll need to make another.

The reason I think this fight is easy is Cloud owns her face. She has no sleights and no 0's so she won't break him and he's immune to damage when he's out. The rock pile puts her face in easy slashing reach of our spikey blonde companion.

Items recieved: Bahamut Materia, Dragon Fang, 945gil.


The stolen heart floats slowly for a second...

Then poofs back into Belle. Alright!


Sora realizes he's never gonna get any (except with Riku in slash-fics). Watching would be pointless.

Up the Great Big Horribly Clashing Colored Ladder...

And to the save cube! We're done! In fact we're out of World Cards! What does that mean? It means the plot is about to get SERIOUS because we've entered the last stages of the game.

What could Vexen have in store for us? Is Riku up there? Find out next time in-

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