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Part 38: Episode 38: The Other Side

I loved My Little Ponies when I was a little girl... That brought back some memories. Speaking of memories lets continue!

Episode 38: The Other Side

Since this area only has a single plot door, I'll be splitting it at about the midpoint.

"I dunno, I've never been here."

This is true.

"Up until now we've only been to places in Sora's memory."

It looks like a certain spikey-haired blonde has been here before, though.

Incoming speech about Namine'! I'm really getting sick of her Sora.

Oh do tell. I'm so very interested in how this pertains to our current predicament.

"Namine' started crying. She said, "What if a shooting star hits the islands?".
So I said, "If a shooting star comes this way, I'll hit it right back into outer space!"
I was swinging this toy sword around the whole time.
Namine' just smiled and said, "Thanks." And then she gave me this."

I demand an apology for this pile of bull-

Alright I guess that will do.

Have you ever wanted to reach through the screen and strangle a video game protagonist? I have.

Why are you telling us this, again?

Now correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is what he said to Kairi when she gave him the pendant for real.

Welcome to Twillight Town, land of eternal sunset. Be sure to try the ice cream bars they're the best!

Only one new enemy here, the little gyrocopter heartless. Not much of a threat, although I revamped my deck replacing most of the lower damage cards with Fairy Harpes and Rumble Roses. Things die faster now!

Next time we'll explore this creepy mansion, or at least the front gate of it, in-

Episode 39: Organization 12?

Get me to the next page folks this one is getting heavy with all the fanart.