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Part 39: Episode 39: Organization 12

Enough suspense! Sorry folks I just wanted to be more funny and less angry-sounding so I took a bit of time off. Also the boss fight in this stage is goddamn annoying. So annoying in fact that I will be posting a very abridged video of him as watching Sora yell "Here! Yah! Here!" for 10 minutes as Vexen guards over and over would be very dull and a complete waste of time.

Episode 39: Organization 12

Now where were we? Ah yes... This big iron gate. This big iron gate with a certain faction's symbol embedded in the center. One thing I forgot to mention last update was how all the music in Twilight Town is straight from KH2, of course this game came out years sooner. It's just kind of neat to see how soon they must have had the score (mostly) done for KH2 compared to when it was released.

Well, it is a pretty evil looking gate.

Was it that 6-Potion again? I took that one out of the deck it was looking a little... greenish.


Goofy and Donald try to make sense of this, but Sora disagrees.

"With Namine', the memories of us together sort of came drifting back piece by piece.
But here, there are no memories. Everything feels familiar, that's all."

Those of you who've played KH2 will know why. Also, remember this place because it will remain semi-important through the rest of the series.

Why hello there my soon to be dead friend!

"How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop? Is the center it's heart? Would a tootsie pop with no center be considered a heartless tootsie pop?"

Oh fine ask the pertinent questions. <>

"Whatever I feel here is just some trick of yours!"

Well... He's wrong but you know I honestly don't blame him here.

"In its silence, we forget.
And in its perversion, it binds our hearts firmly."


"Yes, the other side of your heart knows this place. The other side remembers."

Sora! He's trying to spoil KH2! Don't listen to him!

"...then you may as well throw your heart away.
You're no Keyblade master, no master of anything--just a slave to twisted memories.
Just like my Riku. You're not fit to exist."

Well, we have our game title namedropped, and... wait what? YOUR Riku?

"Every word you've said is a lie! I'd never throw away my heart!
I'm gonna take you down and save Riku AND Namine'.
THAT's what's in my heart!"

Wait Sora, he's telling the truth! Don't... attack... him... Well damn, guess it's time for: BOSS 15- VEXEN 2.0

"I was just talking boy, why you gotta make me smack you like that."

Alright Vexen 2.0 is a whole new ballgame. I guess he wasn't joking about scanning our brain during the last battle because he's got more tricks than any other boss yet, and he uses them now.

He's still got all his old abilities. Ice block, Blizzaga, smacking you with his shield... And he's still immune to attacks from the front.

He's got a couple new sleights as well. The first is Ice Burn, which drops ice puddles on the ground that make you fall on your ass. Annoying, but harmless.

The second is Ice Needles, which spawns an ice... needle... that chases you around the screen for a long time or until it hits you once. It does moderate damage.

The thing about Vexen, is he also self buffs himself with a few annoyances. Blizzard boost ups his ice damage, no big deal. But he also has Auto-life. This, unsuprisingly, takes him from dead, to half-life (about 3/4ths of his green bar) so it draws out the fight even more. It took over 7 minutes to down him. This is the last time we'll ever see Vexen though, so I guess he had to be as strong as possible.

I've chopped out the center 3-4mins of the fight as nothing happens you haven't seen by that point.

"You ARE dangerous!
You must be exterminated!"

You and whose army punk?

"The Riku you speak of has but one fate-- to sink into the emptiness of darkness.
And you will share that fate Sora!"

That doesn't sound good.

"You'll lose your heart and become Marluxia's pawn!"

The first time Sora hears the name of his adversary this game.

This is getting way too informative something's going to interrupt...

Is that...?


Kill stealer!

"I'm not dead!"

Good to see Vexen isn't above begging for his hide.

"So look on the bright side. You're off the hook.
Now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody."

That was mean Axel.

And so... We lose one of our finest members of Organization 13 today. He was an upstanding scientist, and an all around creepy guy. Rest in peace, Vexen.

Vexen dissolves into the air when killed.

"What kind of people don't turn into experience crystals when they die! This is madness!"

With this less than helpful comment, Axel warps out, leaving Sora and the boys alone once more.

Up the ladder and to the save cube... This would be a nice place to spend a summer vacation, wouldn't it?

Tune in next time for more boss fights, and Namine' actually talking in-

Episode 40: Return of the Riku