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Part 40: Episode 40: Return of the Riku

Thanks Taumpy, the only thing I could've done for him is post a vid of me standing in town for a minute or two.

Episode 40: Return of the Riku

Leaving Twilight Town sends our viewpoint directly to the security room, where Marluxia is holding a little meeting.

Good to see everyone is feeling sad about the loss of Vexen.

"We weren't sure if you had it in you to take out a fellow member of the Organization.
Well, I guess you did. You can join the big leagues now.
With the three of us, taking over the Organization will be child's play."

I guess that's... bad? We don't really know much about the Organization at this point. I will say that it's current leadership does not have Sora's best interests in mind, but Marluxia's little coup is unlikely to change that.

I really don't see how that's going to help them...


"Well, in your fits of happiness, try not to do anything to hurt Sora's feelings. Am I clear?"

Larxene is a huge bitch, in case you hadn't noticed.

Maybe they think they can get Sora to work for them if they have Namine'? But if that's so, then why did Larxene tell him she was a bad guy?

In any case, Marluxia and Larxene warp out, leaving Axel and Namine' alone to think.

That's what we want to know!

Back on the 12th floor... Oh hello again Riku. Done crying after the last time I beat your ass?

As much as I'd like to by this point, no, we won't.

"I'm protecting Namine' from you because it's what MY heart tells me to do.
I promised her... I promised Namine' I'd keep her safe."

So did everybody else.

"Namine' got scared and said, "what if a shooting star hits the islands?"
So I told her, If a shooting star comes this way, I'll protect you!" And then--"

This sounds oddly familiar...

Yes, we have to listen to this entire contrived story twice. At least Sora seems to be questioning this identical memory thing.

Oh-ho! Namine' managed to include Kairi's gift in her tampering with Sora, but Riku had no such gift to include. Of course, why Namine' was messing with Riku to begin with has yet to be revealed.

Suddenly, the screen flashes white twice. Something's just been changed.

With possibly the worst line ever, Riku charges us and it's time for BOSS 16: RIKU THE THIRD.

Its identical to Riku the second, except with more HP. Same sleights, and he moves pretty quick. I've got more HP too though, and a way stronger deck so Riku drops like a sack of bricks off a bridge. We get the Mega-Potion card for beating him.


Riku doesn't even give us a one liner, he just flees, dropping the pendant.

Bargain bin at Walmart?

The pendant suddenly starts to float then poofs into a card.

What hasn't Goofy?

Next time on the exciting adventures of Sora and Friends... Betrayal! Angst! Drama! in-

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