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Part 4: Halloweentown, Agrabah, Wonderland, and the Colliseum! With that said, here we go!

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Looks like we'll be doing Monstro first. Choices remaining are:
Halloweentown, Agrabah, Wonderland, and the Colliseum! With that said, here we go!

Episode 4: Got it Memorized?

The door demands a 9+ map card. I don't have one but a trusty 0 will act as a wildcard for me. Another Tranquil Darkness, for low/medium enemy count. I slaughtered them mercilessly.

Plot Door number 3! What could await us here...

We've come upon Cid's Gummi Ship Repair Shop, I think. Well its a checkered floor where Cid hangs out anyways. If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts 1 (what are you doing in my thread?) This was near where we landed when we arrived here after the destruction of Sora's home world. The last plot door was at the town inn.

Cid you remembered us! You know you were always my favorite character from 7...

Until Advent children. Now you rank about with Yuffie.

Cid's getting old enough that he's just chalking it up to being senile.

Sora is feeling pretty good about himself after figuring out what the black coated guy blatently told him a while back.

Well at least he's easier to get along with than Leon. Cid does run a well known shop so he's famous I guess.

Right. Looking for Riku. Gotta find Riku.

Now Sora did close the doors and lock all the Heartless out of Traverse Town in reality. We've seen that Leon remembers this, "We'll never forget each other" came as we were sealing the keyhole. But the town itself is mirrored from a time before that when all the heartless were invading in force. I think there's something fishy about how this world was 'sampled' from Sora's brain.

Sora nods, recalling the time in KH1 he climbed the tower and rang the bell. After being warned about it. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Sora's pretty sure he knows what that thing is, and he's pretty sure he can kick its ass.

But Donald, we need EXP!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Sora's memories of ringing the bell caused the bell to ring. That or Yuffie was up there trying to give Leon another headache.

I think I've got this figured out actually. See whenever Sora pulls out the keyblade it turns Donald and Goofy into cards. He pulls it out of the ether and in this Castle the ether is demanding friends as sacrifices. If you've got a better theory I wanna hear it.

BOSS 1- The Guard Armor
This guy is an absolute pansy. He was the boss of Traverse Town in KH1, so we've got some consistency going which we'll see more of later. Basically his bits all have their own HP bars so I'm going to break them one piece at a time.

No legs for you!

During some boss fights, special mickey emblem cards are added to the "cards from heaven" category. They do something unique to stun each boss. In this one they make him fall apart and let me beat on him. Spiffy.

And he's down! I got hit a bunch but I barely felt it. Future bosses will not be so forgiving.

And my first enemy card! These can be added to your deck to give you a buff. Guard armor when used will extend my attack range on attack cards for a set duration. I've also got a Shadow card (one of the little wiggly suckers) which increases the value of my cards by 1 but they are as costly as summons to put in the deck and not worth the space yet. Later for some boss fights I'll probably boost some in.

Boss 1-Guard Armor
Mostly to show off gameplay and Sleights, it would be much shorter if I just flat killed him.

Thanks for all the help folks. The Square-Enix crew come over to share some parting words. I don't blame them for not bothering with that Heartless by the way, if it hadn't been triggered to drop on my head I'd never have thought it was a boss.

Since we've run through every single room and killed everything alive in the town, I'm inclined to agree.

Sora has a master's degree in "Making Things Happen by Believing in them Hard Enough".

Oh Cid, you're such a card.

Leon's just given up on understanding any of it.

Awwww... I wuv you too Leon.

"Why don't you come with, I got a nice slot left open for some characters, I can put you in the back pocket next to my Heal and Elixer."


Leon declined and went back to searching for his headache medicine. Everyone leaves, and Donald and Goofy wander on ahead, but Aeris comes back for one last bit of advice.

"I'm pregnant!"

Ok that was bad. I won't do it again.

Sora I thought you got this but I guess not.

A whole castle full o' them.

Aeris was compelled to confuse Sora without actually helping him in any way.

Confused AND depressed. Thanks Aeris.

Donald and Goofy are tired of staring at the wall offscreen.

Thanks for the pep talk it really helped...

Oh well gee, great. Stomp on my feelings and ninja vanish. I'm GLAD you died.

We've met several people in this game who can teleport at will, yet this comes as a shock to Sora.

Or maybe she was never there?

What? I... Oh never mind.

Heading back into the town we come to a Great Big Ladder. There's one of these at the end of every world, showing our upward progression through the castle. Yep, every world is one great big floor in Castle Oblivion.

Up top here is a save cube. Hmmm...

Gasp! Going through the door puts us back in the white corridor! Tutorial Man is back looking as badass as ever.

"Except Yuffie."

What this Organization really wants is better explained in KH2. But this line is just downright creepy anyways.

Something spooks hood-man. Sora and crew ready themselves in case he wants to fight.

Gasp! This is Axel, beloved of fangirls world-wide.

Time out real quickly. We've still got no idea who this dark coated fellow is. There's 13 possiblities. After this we can rule out 3 of them. Axel (obviously), Larxene (who's a chick and has boobs, which this guy clearly doesn't.) and a short blondie who's name I won't reveal. 10 possibilities to go!

"I was taunting the hero! Go away!"

No longer protected by the safety of the tutorial, zippers passes the buck.

This is the first time Axel and Sora fight. It's a rivalry that spans two games. Our red-headed anti-hero has a pretty good reason for wanting to test Sora but it isn't discussed in this game.

He even has a catchphrase! For those of you who haven't played KH2, "Got it Memorized" is something Axel says at several points. Since this game came out several years before KH2 I'm confident that it's the same phrase, just not translated as something notable as it really wouldn't be important yet.

Wait, when did Sora tell Axel his name?

Never mind that...

The man's got FLAMING CHAKRAMS. How can you not like that?

I hope my cards are fire resistant.

Axel is considerably more of a badass than the Guard Armor.
He can slash you in the face with the chakrams, throw them at you, teleport around...

This is Axel's sleight, Fire wall. It hurts. He does it a lot.

But after a quick bout he goes down.

Boss 2-Axel

Kind enough to drop us a fire-5 card. Magic cards are nice in this game, but I've always liked bashing things on the head with my keyblade more.

He also dropped enough exp to level up, letting us snag Stun Impact as our second sleight.

See? He puts away the keyblade, the boys come back!

Oh yeah, we've been given 6 world cards. That's 6 more floors of Oblivion. Let's hope Riku is on like the 3rd.

I totally didn't see that coming!

Aren't they always? If you don't kill an enemy or throw him off a cliff he had to have been just testing you. Really.

How can we seek it if we forgot it. If we forgot it, we won't know to seek it!

It's not Riku.

You aren't fooling me mister!

I'd like to think I remember my best memories but if I forgot them I really wouldn't remember would I? Dangerous line of thought, that.

Why are you trusting anything any of these people say? You broke into their house, and they are now fucking with you. This guy just set you on fire multiple times and laughed about it while teleporting around the room.

Neither do I!

No, because it's probably more "Light is Darkness is hearts is Memories, but you forgot them," crap.

Sora ponders the likelihood of being told anything useful should he ask.

Good boy Sora.

What are you going to do about it Donald? Nothing thats what. Get back in the card.

You may be slightly blonder and have a better haircut and a nicer outfit though.

Axel warps out.

It was dripping with so much foreshadowing I couldn't understand it!

Logic has no place here Sora, this is Castle Oblivion.

Goofy's card got a little singed in that battle with Axel. He hasn't been the same since.

I do like how Sora's been treating this whole castle as a joke. He's not even remotely concerned about the difficulty.

Hollow Bastion.

Say it with me Goofy. Hollow. Bastion.

Oh for Pete's-

God damnit.

It was one of the biggest dungeons in KH1! Beast was our cool playable character that I made Donald sit out for! I miss Beast he was a... beast. Yeah.

The Castle's effect has started to erode our heroes' memories already and we're only on the second floor. I'm worried guys.

In any case we're given another save cube and a magic orb. The orb will let us poof to whatever floors we have cleared. Going up to the next world will wipe out our current world so if we want to come back for treasures or whatever we'll have to reclear the rooms. No big deal.

You asked for it, I'll deliver.

Next time on KH:CoM- MONSTRO! No one likes monstro.
Episode 5: We Fired the Guy Who Came Up With This Level.