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Part 41: Episode: 41: Bro's before Ho's

Hah, I've managed to avoid all the Harry Potter spoilers so I bring to you today this update:

Episode: 41: Bro's before Ho's

When last we left our heroic team, Riku had run off like a little girl, dropping a cheap knockoff pendant that looks a lot like ours. It turned into a card.

Sora has officially given up trying to understand what's going on.

"Don't you think it's weird that you and Riku have the exact same memory?
You can't BOTH be right."

That was a little defensive...

Yeah I'm sure it will.

Donald and Goofy have finally decided to questions this whole Namine' thing. Good!

Defensive behavior like that probably means that Sora has been questioning himself internally, but the implanted desire to help Namine' is overpowering his better judgement, playing off his emotions and chronic need to help people.

If you're not with me you're against me!

Must be time for BOSS BATTLE 16: DONALD AND GOOFY-

Just messin with ya.

And Sora runs off on his own, leaving Donald and Goofy behind.

Meanwhile in the security room, Axel is doing a very bad job of guarding a little girl.

Well I hope you feel bad missy, after he did all that for you. <>

Whose side are you on Axel?

Come on kid, he can't say it any clearer than that.

And Namine's actually gets out of her chair, running off to... To do something which is hopefully good for us.

Axel is so proud of his scheming he breaks into dance.

"It's about time you gave me one hell of a show!"

Axel grabs a bag of microwave popcorn and gets comfy by the viewing crystal.

Back on the 12th floor, Jiminy abandons Sora's pocket because he's being a jerkface.

Yikes, that was harsh...

Sora, all alone, opens the final world door of the game, and it's a very familiar one. Tune in next time for the beginning of the end in-

Episode 42: Home Sweet Home