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Part 42: Episode 42: Home Sweet Home

That doesn't look like kissing, it looks like Axel is wanting to lick Marluxia's face. Ah well, better do as ghostinmyshell says or I won't be able to do the rest of the series! I'm just glad no one else has gone for it, this LP has been going for quite some time and I was getting worried.

Episode 42: Home Sweet Home

Sora looks around the beach, uncertain where he is.

With only one more floor to go, the damage to Sora's memory is severe.

Yes and no...

...youuuuu guuuuuuuuys!

Oh no. Not you three.

Since when do I hang out with you morons?

It's ok Sora just call them all "Hey, you!" I don't think they'll notice.

Nothing important.

Shot down by Selphie "I like trains" Tilmitt. Poor Wakka.


Learn to cuff both your pant legs and we'll talk Teedus.

Sora... You said that out loud.

Nice cover. Really.

ALONE? With who? HER? Where the hell is HER? Or maybe just alone with his thoughts of HER?

Only if it makes you go away!

A subtle nod to Irvine, or a dumb translation. You pick.

That's creepy.

With that the trio vacate, leaving Sora to his own devices.

Time to explore this exciting locale! Unfortunately there are no new monsters on Destiny Island, but that's ok because there's plenty of new things to see.

On my first level up I grab our final sleight from gaining levels, Ragnarok. It shoots lazerz. Not as powerful as Ars Arcanum though it hits multiple targets better. I also learned Judgement from a chest (Aero+magic+magic). Don't worry I'm putting together a montage video at the end for all the summons and sleights you haven't seen.

The visa GOLD card room in the level nets us the Megalixer card, a 9 too. This is the other card we needed for...

Holy! It's a pretty spell, big white shining beam from heaven. Good damage too, but the megalixer is so pricey (90 CP) that I can't use it in my normal deck.

Almighty Darkness gives all the enemies in the room +2 to their attack cards. Very unpleasent, I don't use them if I can help it.

Our first plot door of 2. This place is not much bigger than Twillight Town.

Hi Riku, nice to see you've put your normal clothes back on.

Er... Did I mention Sora was mostly a walking vegetable by now?

Yeah. Definately a vegetable.

Wait a minute, you're way too nice to be Riku.

Note: Every single thing Riku says throughout this conversation is followed by Sora going "!" or "..." or both.

Well let's take the Trolley back to the real world, Mr. Rogers.

Speaking of HER, where is SHE? Have you seen HER?

Cue rumbling earthquakey badness!

"Whatever it is, it can't be good. I'm gonna go warn the others!"

Warn them about... What exactly?

Nice Guy Riku runs off, never to be seen again, leaving Sora alone on the little outhanging cliff with no clue where the mysterious girl he's supposed to be protecting is.

Boss fights and general mind-fuckery await in-

Episode 43: The Truth