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Part 44: Episode 44: Riku's Last Chance

Yay new page! Time to beat the snot out of Riku one last time.

Episode 44: Riku's Last Chance

Still alone, Sora charges the steps and confronts Namine', standing at the entry to the 13th Floor.

Way to let her down gently Sora.

"If she's so special to me, why can't I remember?"

You know other than the fact that she draws the memories in her notebook it's never really explained how or why Namine' can do this. She's just special I guess.

Oh this is gonna be good. Note that the Riku in Destiny Islands was part of that construct and has nothing to do with this Riku at all.

A trainwreck in a Screenshot LP?

Uh oh, looks like its time for Namine' to stand there and watch the FINAL SHOWDOWN between Sora and Riku, in BOSS 18- RIKU REMIX. This fight is similar to the others, except for one big new addition to Riku's sleight arsenal.

Dark Aura. Riku floats up high, the background goes dark and he teleports around the room slicing the crap out of you. This is BAD. It's really easy to see coming and break though, but not breaking it will get you killed real fast. If you don't have 2 Cure's and a 0 handy, reload immediately.

Other than Dark Aura, he'll be moving considerably faster than you can, all his moves track, he has THREE full HP bars, his hits have a good chance of stunning you (leaving you unable to move or reload), and he loves breaking your heals. This is the most difficult fight so far easily, and the spot where a lot of people have to go grind or quit playing.

I wanted to show off Dark Aura so I had to re-record this twice because letting it go off all the way would leave me unable to recover afterwards. Breaking it is that important. Heal constantly and ALWAYS have 0's ready.

Don't feel sorry for him he had that coming.

Not pictured: Riku bitchslapping Sora across the room.

That was cheating! <>

The screen flashes violently-

-and Riku falls to the ground.

That doesn't sound like, "Thanks Namine'!" to me.

Upscreen, Larxene has entered the room with dire news.

Thousands of fangirls scream in horror.

And so should you, because we're going to be stopping here for now. More exposition than you can shake a stick at, and a blonde's last moments await next time in-

Episdoe 45: Sora- First Blood