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Part 45: Episode 44: Sora- First Blood

So close... Let's continue shall we?

Episode 44: Sora- First Blood

When last we left our Hero, he was rather concerned about someone who's been trying to kill him for the majority of the game.

You mean he's going to be ok?

Or... Wait, what?

Hey Larxene, SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE. Also you're going to die this update. Oops!

"That thing lying there is a puppet Vexen made. Nothing more than a toy.
It's laughable really. It called you a fake, but IT was the fabrication all along."

Yes folks, you heard that right. The guy with the fancy skirt who's been chasing us the entire game is a CLONE of Riku.

Unfortunately for us, Namine's HEART-DESTROYER abilities don't effect Larxene. You can see her trying though.

This was my initial reaction too.

"It was only finished recently. And without any past, how could it remember anything?
Its memories with Namine' were planted, not real.
All this time it's been picking fights with you over bogus memories."

One one hand that's pretty depressing for Riku2, on the other hand, it stands to reason that Vexen had to have had contact with the real Riku in order to clone him. That means he has to be/have been near here at some point.

"Messing with people's memories is about all she's good at.
She steps into people's hearts and rearrages thier memory.
If she wants, she can even draw new memories of things that never happened.
The girl you've been dying to protect..."

And everything is finally spelled out for Sora. Maybe we should have listened to Donald and Goofy after all.

"Binding you in the chains of your own memory was central to our trap.
It makes me tingle to think how easily you were duped.
This was our chance to make the Keyblade master our puppet! We nearly had you...
But that jerk Axel used Namine' to wreck everything! He betrayed us!"

Well, technically you were betraying the Organization so I dunno if you can really complain about that Larxene. Don't throw rocks when you live in a glass house and all that.

Sora has had enough of this bullshit.

Larxene advances on Sora, who is still too shocked to stand up. Namine jumps in the way.

"Last I checked, YOU'RE the one who got him into this mess."

"Thanks to you, all our plans are toast!"

Sit DOWN girl!

I wonder what they were actually planning on having Sora do. Defeat the Organization leader so they could take over, I guess? I mean we're technically gonna do that anyways, eventually.

"You don't even know her!"

"But I still made a promise.
I promised Namine' I'd keep her safe.
Maybe my memories are fake. But they're still mine, and I'm gonna be true to them."

That about sums that up right there.

"There is no promise, there never was!
YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. Must you insist on playing the hero?"

That is why we're here, no? vv

Hey! Let me get up first lady! Larxene charges Sora, knives out.

CLOTHESLINED. Goofy runs up with a helluva block.

Donald drops a cure on us and joins Goofy.

Awww thanks guys!

Sora! Donald! Goofy!

Unimpressed with our male-bonding scene, Larxene pulls her knives for real. It's time for BOSS 19: LARXENE II

It's identical to her first fight except she has 3 HP bars, moves faster and has a new sleight. This lets her teleport all over while stabbing you, but its about as much damage as a normal round of her attacks. She's not a cakewalk but after Riku 4, you shouldn't have too much trouble with Larxene. One note is that she has a ton of zeros and will break your heals mercilessly, so make sure she's reloading when you want to heal.


Don't be a sore loser, Larxene.

With this, Larxene fades away into nothingness. A moment of silence for the dead.


Sora's very first kill. I'm so proud of him! Well it's down to Organization 11 now. Be sure to tune in next time for even MORE plot in-

Episode 45: The 13th Floor