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Part 46: Episode 46: The Thirteenth Floor

Ok, I'm going to hardcap the number of fanarts per post at 3 from now on. I shouldn't be scrolling past more fanart than one of the real updates in the thread. I love you guys, but it's getting a little out of hand.

Episode 46: The Thirteenth Floor

Where were we... Ah yes, Larxene is dead and Riku2 is smashed on the floor.


Yeah... About that...

And it's time for the recap folks, we take you to Namine' for the details.

"...and little by little replaced them with false memories that I made."

Oh don't look so sad about it now, ya little tramp.

"Me being on the islands-- that was a lie, too. This is our first meeting.
I was never Sora's friend..."

Oh man... Sora you really LIKED her didn't you... I'm sorry bro. Sometimes they just aren't worth it.

Good question.

"But Marluxia..."

"I've been alone for so long..."

That's not an excuse young lady. Just be glad Sora's saving all his for Marluxia. I wouldn't be so forgiving.

Don't you DARE feel sorry for her Goofy.

And so Namine' falls back on the classic "Cry and you'll get away with murder" tactic all females keep in reserve.

"Look, I'm really not happy about you screwing around with my memories.
But you know... I can't get mad at you either."


Look they agree with me!

"Like my promise. I said I'd protect you...that I wouldn't make you cry...
So if you cry now, I feel guilty. Like I let you down somehow.
So please, don't cry. Don't apologize.
Until I get my memory back, smile, laugh, be happy.
It's easier on me that way."

Awww... That was pretty cute, and it even sorta makes sense.

Way to ruin the moment guys.

I don't think you should be hitting on the girl who's been wrecking havoc with your memories anyways Sora.


He's such a ham, but it works.

Yeah, just in case you feel lonely and decide to work for him again.

"We'll come get him after this."

Maybe get him a nice coffin or some flowers or something?

Of course you will. We've had no trouble fighting off physical threats and Namine' was the only one messing with our brains so let's finish this.

Oh, we get the Oblivion Keyblade card for competing the scene, which is quite nice and goes into the deck.

Namine' is still chilling in the hallway after the scene, mumbling something about phoenix downs.

Next time on KH:CoM, promises are made and alliances broken in:

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