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Part 47: Episode 47: Politics

If you say so Taumpy. If you say so.

Episode 47: Politics

Castle Oblivion is pretty snazzy when it isn't being turned into a memory construct.

You might want to remember her Sora, but I don't!

Staring at it isn't going to help.

"Do either of you remember anything?"

Define 'anything'. Do they remember Kairi? Probably not. Do they remember what cake tastes like? Possibly.

"But I can't remember."

That's not good.

Don't worry your little head Donald, we're about to solve all our problems. With VIOLENCE!

What gives Goofy, we're trying to '...' here.

Well that came out of nowhere.

Well, more like stubbornness, if you ask me.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good."

That... That wasn't a promise, that was a catchphrase!

And with that touching football huddle, we're given free reign of the castle. This is it folks, the final floor. One last chance to level up.

Oh, see those vases? You can totally smash those. It gives me great joy to turn Marluxia's crystal roses into fine powder.

We get Trinity Limit for making our promise. (Any attack card+Donald+Goofy). This sounds interesting...

Flying backflip into a gold seal and a white flash nuke of everything on the screen for massive damage?

Our very last new door card of the game, Mingling Worlds is literally a wild card. It gives you a random room.

While walking through the (massive) maze of floor 13, we're treated to a brief scene of Namine' futzing around by Riku2's lifeless shell. What is she doing?

Er, Namine', you might want to... Oh shit.

It's really hard to get a picture of these guys, but the only new enemy this level are these powered up shadow heartless. They have huge HP, and make leveling up here a pain. I recommend you do your leveling before floor 13, if you want to get a couple more HP or CP ticks before the last boss.

Still wandering around the 13th floor, we cut to Marluxia chilling in an empty hallway, joined shortly by Axel. Somehow I don't think Marluxia is going to be pleased to see him...

Looks like I was right!

"You and your cursed meddling!
He was ours! The Keyblade master could have been our slave!"

"You use Namine' to rewrite Sora's memory piece by piece.
He becomes her puppet. Then using Namine' and Sora, you and Larxene overthrow the Organization."

Axel you sneaky bastard.

The old, 'give a minion some power and see if he abuses it' trap never fails, does it?

Oh hey, looks like the bad guys are gonna kill each other! I guess we can just go home now, right?

I don't usually show what the door needs me to give it but this, this was aggravating. See, the only blue card I didn't have was a 1, so I had to go grind heartless for about half an hour to get the 1 for this door.

This is it. The last Plot Door. Are you excited? I'm excited. But we shall all have to contain our excitement for another day, in-

Episode 48: Got It Memorized...Yet?