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Part 48: Episode 48: Got It Memorized... Yet?

Camdon's Narutaxel might just be winning the 'most godawful fanart' in the thread award. Anyways...


Episode 48: Got It Memorized... Yet?

"You're next, Marluxia."

Hey, stop acting heroic you're a bad guy.

Fruity McFlowerpetals is not above cowering behind little girls who he teleports in front of him to act as shields.

I hope not.


"Are you listening, Sora?"

God damn it.

Sora and pals run up from down-left. They don't look thrilled.

With this, Marluxia and Namine' warp out, leaving Axel alone to face Sora. Sora drops into battle stance.

Apparently Sora's given up trying to understand the political situation and declared war on everything in a black trenchcoat.

"Listen, Sora. We've got more in common than you think.
I'd rather not fight you..."


Axel has some old tricks and some new ones. He's much faster this time around, and he teleports constantly. He like to throw his chakra, then telepot to the other side of you and catch it.

He still has his flame wall sleight, which isn't too painful but...

Here's his new sleight, Firetooth. He charges up and then throws his giant flaming chakrams at you. They then circle around you, slamming you for excessive damage for a long period of time. BREAK THIS. IF YOU DO NOT BREAK THIS YOU WILL DIE. He hits very hard and very often, and his deck is composed largely of 0's and 9's, making healing difficult at best. This is the hardest fight in the game so far, and I died multiple times on it, first fight in the game to kill me consecutively.

Trinity Limit is shown shortly into the video. This fight is hard! Best take of like 6.

Sora doesn't know that Axel is the one who set Namine' free.

Axel warps out, looking a little beat up but definately OK.

At this point we are kicked out of the plot room and have to run over a few rooms to the next scene. There's no Great Big Ladder this time, we are on the top floor. If you're playing along, MAKE A SAVE POINT with a door card before you go in here, this is the last room you can save in.

It's the final count-down! Da da da da... da da dadada!

Stay tuned next time for-

Episode 49: Pointless Bravado