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Part 49: Episode 49: Pointless Bravado

Episode 49: Pointless Bravado

"Or perhaps I should thank the power of the keyblade.
How I long to make it my own, and have the Organization at my mercy!"

Marluxia may be a fruitcake, but he also understands just how badass Sora is. Also, Axel is not dead.

Or what? We're gonna kill him regardless.

Hey Namine'? The correct answer was "No!" I'd have accepted "I won't do it!" also.

"Then Sora's heart will collapse and all his memories will be torn asunder."

Marluxia doesn't give a shit about Donald and Goofy. He shall pay for that.

Me too.

"Do it Namine'!
Obliterate his memory!"

Even a riven heart can be rebuilt with time eh?

Anytime now girlie.

And what happened then...? Heart-ville they say
Namine's small spine
Grew three sizes that day!


As much as I'd like that, we do need her to fix our memories. So-


Suicide is not the answer!

Goofy stop him, he won't listen to me!

"Do it, Namine'! Erase my memories, break my heart..."

What kind of logic is that?

Namine' thinks he's lost it.

Oh, that whole thing was just to set up that right? Right?

Donald don't encourage him...

Oh no...


"Your heart will be unable to feel, to care! Just like that pathetic imitation of Riku."

Riku2? Where the fuck did you come from? Never mind, I don't care. Talk some sense into Sora please.

Fancy skirt? $20. Bottle of Super hair gel? $10. Coming back from the dead and scaring the hell out of a room full of people? Priceless.

Riku2 wastes no time, assaulting Marluxia and forcing him away from Namine'.

Let's call him Greg. Greg sound good to you Riku2?

"I will protect Namine'.
Phantom promise or not, it's MY promise!"

someone needs a hug.

"You would chain your heart with false memories?
Cast your heart's freedom aside?"

Oh boy... Namine' books it while Sora and the boys run up. What is he... that a flower petal?

Oh the flower petal extends into a GIANT PINK SCYTHE. That's lovely.

And you hide behind little girls.

Let's just see about that shall we? It's time for BOSS 22: MARLUXIA

Before we get into the boss fight, let's talk about decks. All we have left is the bosses so it's time to take grinding cards out. All the potions and elixers, any spare magic cards and enemy cards you might have been using, even Cloud. What we're going to do is take all those points we just freed up and throw an extra 4 cure cards into the deck. We need to be able to Curaga this fight, and 6 or so Cure cards (with a number no less than 6, preferably 8+) should about cover it.

Marluxia hits very hard, and he has several normal attacks. First is the standard slashing a pic above us. Here's his shockwave sort of attack. This won't hit you if you arent standing close to him. He will chase you down and use it though so keep moving if you can.

Hit third normal attack is a sortof samurai slice, where the screen flashes white as he charges through you while you hear a big meaty THUNK. This hurts a lot but it's still dodgeable if you move.

His first sleight, DeathScythe. Real original name. Anyways big pink blade slices through the screen. If you are running away from him it will miss, but it has a pretty large charge time so you should be able to break it.

His second sleight, Blossom shower. This one he just taps the scythe on the ground and the screen explodes into petals. Not too damaging, but it's fast and hard to break.

One last note, he's got a buff called "Double Sleight". for his initial 3-4 reloads every time he sleights the sleight goes off twice. You really want to break those. Keep yourself in the blue at all times, if you drop into the green bar you should be trying to heal. He uses a lot of 0's and 9's, and if you wait too long he will kill you. Save Curaga for emergencies, and Trinity Limit if you can, it does a fair bit of damage. 4 full HP bars will drop him.

Check out the boss theme, I want to say it's one of the theme's used in the final boss of KH2, but I'm not entirely sure. It's unique in this game so far though and the GBA does a pretty good job on it.

Is that it? IS IT OVER?

I've been having these weird thoughts lately...

Like... Is any of this real?


Episode 50: Promises