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Part 51: Episode 50: Promises, Part 2

Be back soon apparently meant the day after tommorow. Sorry about that folks I had a rough time fighting off paperwork but here we are anyways.

And yes, Marluxia's final form was pretty much a joke. The Axel II fight was the hardest for me personally. Editing the boss vid into the last update but there it is anyways. Sorry Youtube didn't like it so it's dailymotion.

Episode 50: Promises, Part 2

With Greg out of the picture, Donald asks the big question.

"Your memories are connected, like links in a chain.
Those same chains are what anchor us all together.
I don't destroy memories. I just take apart the links and rearrange them."

Well that's good news.

"It will take time. But I think it will work."

Oh great, so you've never done this before? Now I feel secure.

I hope you have good medical insurance Sora.

"You said you'd have to undo the links you made. But that means---"

This my friends, is how they got away with putting this game on the gameboy. Since Sora and CO. can't remember what happened here afterwards, the PS2 series can continue with KH2 as if this story never existed at all.

Namine paces north with her back to us.

"You can lose your memories of this castle and reclaim your old memories...
...or keep your memories here and give up the memories that you've lost."

Alright so on one hand we have Sora's entire life, Riku, his adventures in all the worlds, Riku, fighting off the heartless in the real world, Kairi, Ansem, saving the world. And Riku.

On the other hand we have climbing a tower, Axel, more tower, fake memories, Larxene, more fake memories, Namine', Namine', Namine', Greg, Namine', tower, Fruitcake, Fruitcake in a robot. And Namine'.

Good man.

"Especially when you have real memories of people who are really important to you."

Wow, that was the fakest smile I've ever seen on a sprite.

She honestly thought he would pick her over Riku? I mean... Kairi. Yeah.

The group walks out of the top floor suite and into this freaky egg room.

'A little time' translates to about a year.

Why don't you just thank her now? And why are you thanking her for fixing the mess she made anyways?

I love this look. Donald should look like this all the time.

Donald and Goofy head over to their own eggs.

"When I found you... Even when I remembered your name, I was so, so happy."

I think he's just trying to make her feel better at this point. Also, trying to make up for crushing her little feelings back when he told her to put him back.

"And we'll be friends for real. Promise me, Namine'."

"Even if you take apart the chain of memories in my heart, the links will stay there.
This memory will always be inside me somewhere."

Well that is one way to look at it.

Pinky swear!

Sora gets in the egg. Well, almost.

"The loose links will sink into the darkness in your heart.
You won't be able to just reach in and pick the one you want.
But there's another promise you made--
--a promise to someone you could never replace.
She's your light. The light within the darkness.
If you can remember her...
...all the memories lost in the shadows of your heart will come into the light."

"But when you thought of her, it went back to the way it was. You're remembering..."

More terrible CGI!

As Sora holds Kairi's charm he begins to remember faces, names...

Riku! Riku... Who's that girl in the back?

"Kairi!" (Since the text is hard to read I'll transcribe it.)

The shot pans back out, showing Kairi and Riku in the far distance.

"All my friends!"


"Don't worry. You'll forget me..."

"...but we have out promise, so I can come back to you."

"One day it'll be our light, the light that brings us together."

"I'll be in your heart until that time comes."

"I know. Forgotten, but not lost."

That's it folks. Utada Hikaru starts a round of "Simple and Clean" as the credits begin rolling. Poor game boy, it wasn't meant for this.

There were a couple of cool 3d-ish screenshots in the credits, so I'll post them here.

Oh Axel...

Oh yes, lets take a death count... Lets see we've offed Vexen, Larxene, and Marluxia this game. Organization 10 anyone?

Sora! Donald! Goofy!

Oh boy, after the credits extras!

Enjoy that nap Sora, you've earned it.

I sure do love text.

The intro music starts up again. We did it! We beat the game! I guess that must be it! Thanks everyone for reading, I had a blast with this and-

Hey... The menu just came round again and... Oh dear.

Be sure to tune in next time for the exciting season premiere of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories- Reverse/Rebirth!

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