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Part 52: Episode 1: The Basement

Well now, let's see what this spiffy new menu leads to shall we? Time to begin season two!

Episode 1: The Basement

Since the game has been beaten once now, we've got the option to play Sora's story again or Riku's story for the first time. There are several diffences in gameplay between the two. Before I go into that though let's check in on Riku.

Well this doesn't look good.

Those of you who've played KH2 may recognize this shadow... This is his first appearance in the series.

Oh, by the way, there was far too much 'memories' in Sora's story and not nearly enough 'light and dark'. Riku's tale will remedy this.

After trapping himself and Mickey behind the Door to Darkness, this is the first time Riku has been conscious. I will also tell you right now that this is happening concurrent with Sora's story. Upstairs, Marluxia is giving Sora a grand tutorial in the Traverse Town construct right about now.

"The thorny light of awakening will bring only anguish to one in your state.
Turn from the light. Shut your eyes."

Well that was cheerful.

With this a little purple shiny sorta floats down.

...yay a card.

"Take it, and take the first step towards the truth.
But know this: The truth will bring you pain.
Will you still go?
There can be no returning to the sweet security of sleep."

I'm not sticking around no-color land any longer than this scene makes me Ominous Voice-man.

The shiny spits out a card.

There's a distinct lack of pillows as well.

Creepy McVoice knows Riku' name. Awesome.

Well this looks familiar.

Riku only has one card to start, and it's Holler... Ahem, Hollow Bastion. Looking at the world map reveals us to be on the 13th basement level of this fine establishment. Sora had to go to the top floor, Riku is only heading for the front door.

Riku doesn't get a tutorial.

"Those memories become a card, and that card made the world.
The things you see-- you've seen them all before, haven't you? "

"Maybe run into someone I know?"

Well, that's how it worked for Sora.

Not for Riku however.

"But it'd better be you I run across next, Voice.
I'm sick of talking to think air."

We won't be running into Mr.Voice for a long time, so don't hold your breath.

Let's talk about what makes Riku cooler than Sora for a minute.

First of all, Riku has some Air Jordan's on and can jump twice as high as Sora.

Second, Riku has a sword, not some prissy key-shaped club. It's even shaped like a bat wing because it's that hardcore.

Third, Riku doesn't talk to moogles or have to deal with making his own deck. Riku's deck is pre-set based on the world, and it's usually pretty decent. Usually.

SOUL EATER! I mean come on, compare that to 'Kingdom Key'. Hell even 'Oblivion' isn't that cool.

Fourth, when Riku levels he doesn't have to power up his deck. HP or AP, baby. (DP will be explained later, we dont have access to it yet.) It won't let you up your attack power past a certain point so after you get 5-ish levels into hp, pump AP until it caps out then keep it capped as it becomes available.

And the last reason, (currently,) that Riku is way cooler than Sora is that Riku doesn't have to charge to reload his deck. See that lack of number there? Sora had to stand there and channel his love into his deck to recall his cards. Riku just snaps his fingers and BAM! Recharged.

What could be behind this door? Find out next time in-

Episode 2: An Empty Castle