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Part 55: Episode 4: Darkness Tastes Like Chicken

Hey guys, I'm still going here! A little slower as I have some out of state company.

Episode 4: Darkness Tastes Like Chicken

As Riku enters the white corridor for the first time, some sneaky types seem to be having a sneaky meeting in their sneaky blue room.

Lexie isn't the talkative type.

A familiar face portals in. Remember this is happening at the same time as Sora's story so Vexen hasn't yet been killed.

"You know, it's deplorable... The Organization used to be the rope that binds us. And now it's full of kinks."

Someone give this man a pair of scissors, I think his hair has taken over the right side of his face.

You just can't argue with a man who has arms bigger than your waist can you Vexen?

"One of them was Maleficent, but--"

"She cannot return from the realm of darkness of her own volition."

Notice he doesn't say she's dead. Interesting distinction.

"The scent belonged to a very convincing double.
But I can't say much beyond that, since the would-be Maleficent is no more.
Our other visitor saw to that."

Zexion can 'smell' things. It's just something he does ok?

Well obviously it's Riku himself, but these clowns don't know that.

"But the scent was very similar to the Superior's. Exactly similar, if I may say."

Stop giving away KH2 plot! There's only one person who Riku should 'smell' like, and that's Ansem (being he was possessed and all.) So is the leader of O.13 Ansem? If I told you 'not really', would you believe me?

Well gee, Vexen didn't get along with anyone very well did he. No wonder they offed him.

"What is it? It's so familiar..."

Thank you for that... insight, Riku.

I just gotta ask, what does Darkness taste like? Does it taste like chicken?

Mickey floats down to Riku in light-ball form again, this time manifesting as a sort of hologram.

Fight the addiction man! Ya gotta be strong!

"But don't forget! Even int he darkest darkness, there's always a little light."

Stop beating the theme over my head! I got it the first 50 times!

"The light of Kingdom Hearts, Riku--it'll show you the way.
Please don't give up. Believe in the light. That's all I ask."

Don't try, do.

Riku attempts to clasp Mickey's hand.

The first non-door key save cube of the game presents itself, and this is where we stop for today. Time to use those world cards folks.

Tune in next time for... well that's entirely up to you viewers! in-
Episode 5: Surprise Me

First person posts a world that I have in my options is what I'll do. It really doesn't matter a bit as there is no plot within the worlds, but it affects which enemy cards I'll have access to and what difficulty level the normal monsters are. What are the cards I have available? I'm not telling!