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Part 58: Episode 7: Fun For the Whole Family

I'd love to see more of the early disney spinoff TV characters, (Ducktales, Talespin, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers.) I'm honestly not sure if any of them went overseas though. Scrooge has been in a couple movies so he's just more widely known. (Ducktales: The Movie and he was introduced in the Disney verson of A Christmas Carol of course.)

Sorry about the delays guys, I haven't forgotten you. Just been crazy busy at home.

Episode 7: Fun For the Whole Family

Now where were we?

Ah yes, Greg had run off to cry to mommy, and Riku was throwing taunts at him.

Ansem is like an evil conscience. That actually does his job unlike SOME consciences.

"He accepts the Darkness... Just as you once accepted me."

"That time I thought there was a monster in the closet doesn't count! I was 4!"

If by 'grappled desperately' you mean 'ran away or summarily destroyed.'.

Riku is not convinced.

"You think I'll stop fighting the darkness just to prove I'm not afraid of it.
Nice try, but I'm gonna keep fighting."

What kind of reverse psychology is that? Only an idiot would...


"Then continue your fight, if you must. Eventually you will see.
You cannot resist the dark."

Ansem throws Riku a new set of and world cards and poofs... (I guess he isn't warping since he kinda lives in Riku's head... heart... whatever.) Let's see where shall we go today?

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 16
Mood: Amused.
So Ansem thinks I'm not going to fight the darkness? Fine I'll kill everything from now on. And what's up with that 'fake' me? Vexen made him, he said. Vexen was talking about how he needed my darkness before. Maybe if I hadn't had to use Dark Mode so much when I fought him it wouldn't have been like this. I haven't had to use it since fighting that fake, the heartless in this area are really weak.

I think my deck is decent this time, at least the cards aren't out to screw me over. 77-66-55-44-55-66-7777. The enemy card this time is... well it's a lot of fun. A zombie card that gives a jumping boost. I can jump twice as high as normal but it isn't really helpful to fight with. Hook's card from the last battle grants second chance- a buff that lets me stay alive with 1 health even if the blow would have killed me for one hit. I don't need that kind of protection.

Riku isn't kidding about the jumping boost by the way. Here's a normal jump.

Here's a boosted jump. Use the moon as a reference. Wheeeeeeeee! And yes this is utterly pointless.

And no it won't let me jump over the spiked gate. Oogie is still a joke, but he gives one of the more useful enemy cards. Regen! Riku can finally heal himself in the event that Mickey hasn't dropped in a while or is temporarily unavailable.

This sounds familiar. In fact they replay this entire scene we've already seen so let's fast forward a bit.

I came to lend a hand. I remain unconvinced of any potential in this "hero" you've been coddling. Perhaps an experiment would put my doubts at rest.
I knew this would happen. Everything's an experiment with you.
I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do.
Whatever, Vexen. Do what you want. But cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower.
Follower? I'll have you know he's the product of much research.
What he is is a toy.
Hmph. I see I'm wasting my time.
Have your fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh.
(note: We never saw what the hell this card was or why it was important in Sora's game, because it applies to Riku.)
Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders.
I dare say I won't.

In Sora's story the camera faded to black as Greg walked in. Now the scene continues.

It was a Destiny Islands card all along.

"All you need is that card and a little help from Namine'.
Maybe we'll get her to make you forget you're fake...
Better yet, we could remake your heart so you can be just like the real Riku."

Do we really need two emo-princes in this story?

This idea does not sit well with Greg.

"What do I want with the heart of a loser?!"

All valid points. Unfortunately, he's not getting out of this one.

Oh we all know where this is going, you don't have to be dramatic.


Wow, that was really mean Vexen. You're a bad mommy.




"But look on the bright side...
Namine' will erase the memory of me knocking you flat along with everything else.
She'll implant the loveliest little memories you could ever hope for.
So what if they're lies?"

You know, Namine' is really creepy when it comes down to it.

And so, with the turning of Greg, we close this chapter. Tune in next time for some badassery on all counts in-

Episode 8: The Truth Is Out There