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Part 60: Episode 9: Of Oceans and Islands

Oh, it's still pretty , but in a good way. (It's still got my favorite battle and combat system of any game ever.)

Episode 9: Of Oceans and Islands

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 32
Mood: Bored
Underwater caves that aren't wet. Don't ask me. This place is a long tunnel of boredom. The heartless aren't even trying. The Trickmaster boss card devalues enemy cards when I lose breaks, but it's still not very good. My enemy card here is a jellyfish that makes all my cards have random values for one reload.

I think that's because the deck is pretty terrible to begin with. 5555-4444-3333-2222-1111. I just reload it after the 3s, no point in trying to play 2 and 1 cards. This is it, my last world card. I'm starting to wonder where the end of this castle is, I've been up ten floors of it already.

Ursula doesn't put up too much of a fight. Riku can hop up on her shoulder but the tentacles will punish you for it so use at your own discretion.

We've done it folks, we've beaten all the world cards and rerun every boss fight contained within. What surprises yet await our young anti-hero?

Yes, he is. This might be the first time anyone in the main cast used the term.

"But to be scared of the darkness... What a waste."

Uh huh. Sure.

Next time don't say it like a 5 year old girl and he might believe you Riku.

"Unbind your heart, and take hold of the darkness within."

"Come out of the closet, Riku."

Lexaeus gives a manly flex and the ground shakes in awe.

"Now, end your resistance and let the darkness in!"

Riku of course, will have none of this and pulls his sword.

Lexie was made for . He's got a giant axe that he flings around the room like a boomarang, he can smash the ground so hard that it tilts the screen, all his attacks can stun you, and his sleight...

He digs up a rock.

He then PUNCHES the rock at you so hard it shatters...

...Into tracking rock shrapnel that will hunt you down and murder you. Yes, this boss is pretty freakin awesome.

You've got the white-corridor doom deck so it's a fun fight against the first legitly 'new' boss for Riku. Watch him in action, as it's the only time you'll get to see him and honestly the screens do not do this man justice.

Eventually though, after much sleighting and running about and making attempts to heal, he does go down.

Yeah it's not like you tapped into it at all that fight Riku. How many times did you tap Dark mode that fight? 5? I wanna say 5.

"But the Organization shall triumph!
I may perish, but all the darkness within me will billow forth and devour you!"

Lexi disintigrates, and we're down to Organzation... 9 is it?

Lexie wasn't kidding about that darkness devouring thing by the way.

Stop passing out Riku! You've passed your quota for this game!

You've been sucked back behind the door to darkness. No worries.

Now the rain is gone... I can see all the obstacles in my way...

Nope. He's dead.

I'd make a joke about his fly being down but this line is just too damn creepy.

Satan? No... Sauron! No... um... Megatron?

"You're thinking about me...
You're afraid of the darkness I command.
The more you think of me, the closer my return draws. And when I awaken..."

Alright I'm going to flat out tell you something you wouldn't know until later because it makes a lot of this make more sense. This Ansem who is being creepy-evil as fuck in Riku's head is the REAL evil Ansem of KH1 who's been nesting in Riku's heart all along. The other 'Ansem' we fought once is an imposter of sorts who's purposes will be revealed soon. Keep them in mind as separate characters.

Finally a clear shot of Mickey's fairy-form.

Remember, Mickey's still been locked behind the door to darkness all this time. Riku only got out thanks to his crazy mirror-relationship to Sora. Mickey can materialize fully only here in the darkness.

The screen flashes white a few times, and fades to black.

Back in the world of light, Riku is all alone again.

We'll continue with more crazy O.13 hijinks and a whole lot of plot as this thing winds down, in-

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