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Part 6: Episode 6: Acid Reflux

I think my last update size was a little safer on the browser so I'm going to go with that from now on. We've got a ways to go till page two guys but I've already got over 500 images on this one. Help me out!

Begging aside, let's continue our parade through purple in...
Episode 6: Acid Reflux

Oh god no. Our pint sized pal has wandered into the stomach.

Isn't the mouth where Geppetto's boat is at closer to one of 2 possible exits to a whale's digestive tract? Sure there's another door but do we really wanna go there?

You'd better be mister!

I've already pillaged the treasures on this level bub.
Also, you might want to stop lying as you know, its REALLY OBVIOUS when you do.
Which kinda defeats the purpose of lying to begin with.

Goofy gets along well with children.

After a moments deliberation Pinoccio decides Goofy is probably the only one in this whale that's reliable.

What? That's your big secret? You already told us that when we first got here!

Gepetto thinks of this as a vaction. Free food, decent living quarters...

You should have thought of that before you got eaten by the whale.

That's because if he knows basic anatomy he's probably already figured out where the other exit is.

Well that certainly makes everything alright now doesn't it.
Way to teach children lying is ok Square-Enix.

Donald out of nowhere.

My thoughts exactly.

Sora has this built-in compulsion to help people in stupid predicaments. I think they make medication for that Sora.

"Hey Dad, can we like get out of the whale, it's stinky and full of Heartless."

How does his nose shrink back to normal anyways? It's about a foot long at this point and hasn't yet.

Gasp! The ground begins to shake!

Oh gee, thank you Donald. Now the whale is going to self-destruct.

And you thought we'd get to fight this boss on that giant chunk of... land-flesh? Oh no no no, Sora ventures into the ACID with the rotating tiny platforms instead of letting it come to him. Great idea Sora!

BOSS BATTLE 3- Parasite Cage
This guy is a HUGE and I mean x-box huge pain in the ass. I never did Monstro first before so my deck doesn't have the goodies I always had when fighting this. Meaning I was recharging my deck just to spam my heal card, making this take about 3x as long as it had to.

Aww look, sometimes the big platforms sink into the acid and little ones come back up instead!

I'm sorry I can't do better caps of this fight, but it kicks my ass and I can barely kill it so screencapping was not my highest priority. The monster can only be hit from the near platform (the platforms move in a circle.) The monster can whack you with its tentacles or body slam you, which hits for a lot and knocks you off your damn platform.

If you are standing in the acid it ticks for minor damage, but get this, if you use a card the acid will auto-break it. Meaning you can't heal in the acid. I found this out the hard way. The mickey emblem card in this fight gives Sora's shadow magic acid repelling powers so he can run on it without being hurt for about 20 seconds. Yay.

Die you cocksucking acid-spitting POS!

Boss 3- Parasite Cage
This movie is boring. So was the fight.

After that intense battle I decided Sora needs more HP.

Pinoccio is trapped inside a monster, inside a Monstro. Hehe.

For chrissakes its DEAD. Just crawl out.

Pinoccio bravely emerges from the monster's belly, falls into the acid, and melts. Oops.

I... I...

No, the Heartless let you out because I killed it.

Uh... Sure kid.

Back in the reality of KH1, Monstro was swimming around in space. Yes, space. Being spat out into space without our spaceship could kinda suck.

Jiminy stop being a wet blanket.

Well that is a good point.

And off he runs, back to the mouth where Geppetto was chillin.
Phew, a boss fight at the second plot door instead of the third? That was cold Monstro.

Here's a mechanic I haven't mentioned yet. Even if a door is open you can still give it a whack with your keyblade and use a new keycard on the door. This is useful for leveling, creating a save or treasure room, and for these wonderful cards here. The moogle card gives me a room with, you guessed it, a moogle inside!

Kupo! What are ya buyin?

Since it's our first time he gives us a booster pack for free. These little moogles run a lucrative trade business selling cards to us. Aren't the cards made from our memories? Well we have to pay for them anyways.

"Yo gimme 4 packs of Marlboro Reds."
"Kupo! Gonna need to see some ID kupo."

The red packs are attack cards, the green packs are potion cards, and the blue packs are magic and summon cards. A card will only appear in a booster after you find the first of its type. So I'll see Simba, Fire, Blizzard and Cure in the blue packs. I'm fine on magic cards for now and I don't really need more potions so I'm cleaning house on attack cards.

Boosters can also house "shiny" versions of cards. A shiny costs less CP to keep in the deck than a normal card and can only be used once per battle. After the deck shuffles it's gone.

Back in the first room we've now got the key to that damn plot door.

I've got no idea where they are in the whale. Lets guess the lungs because that makes about as much sense as anywhere else.

Ask and ye shall recieve.

Infinitely respawning, no exp giving shadows. Lovely. See the whale meter up top? We have to fight enough shadows to annoy Monstro into sneezing. Apparently the much tougher fights versus stronger random battle Heartless in the whale's mid-section didn't count.

Back to hell with thee!

Another quake... Looks like we did it!

The screen whites out and we wake up back here.

What on earth gave you that idea Jiminy? If this was KH1 those 2 poor innocent souls would be floating in netherspace without a Gummi ship about now. I'm starting to think this was all a plot to bump Pinoccio off so Jiminy never had to go be his conscience again.

He just seems so concerned and all.

Now you're just rationalizing.

Well, that I agree with.

On that touching note, we are done with Monstro!
Goodbye Monstro I won't miss you.

We climb the Great Big Ladder and find our save cube. Hurrah!

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