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Part 61: Episode 10: Zexion Fails at Life.


Well my first week of a new job has been pretty hectic and I'm on graveyard shift now. This means for you guys, that updates are likely to be a little more sporadic but never fear my dears, we will be finishing this game quite soon and moving on to its predecessor.

In fact I've got all night and I've got a ton of footage pre-capped so let us continue!

Episode 10: Zexion Fails at Life.

"What's to become of the Organization?"

Zexion is getting a little worried now, which is understandable since his two 'buddies' have already been axed.

"Gee I wonder who's next?"

Subtlety was never Axel's strong point.

You know, Zexion could've survived this whole ordeal if he just went and hid somewhere like the other O.13 members we don't see this game. It's not like Sora or Riku are actively seeking them out. They're just clearing anyone who happens to throw themselves in the way. O well.

"I already took my pounding from Sora. He thinks I'm done for good.
I don't plan on doing a repeat performance anytime soon.
No, I think Marluxia's next in line to go."

" it's fitting Sora should be his downfall."

This is a good point.

And we fade out. Zexion is about to do something really stupid by the way.

Riku is caught in a sudden earthquake. (I wonder how many screenshots I have of people going "!")

"One of the scents has died--- a really strong one."

Sora's game-timeline ended here---->

And his giant space-robot love machine.

Axel offcamera: "I call his room!"

Don't think too hard Riku. You'll hurt your head.

Oh yeah, did we forget to mention that? Whoops!

"Aren't you ashamed to face Sora in that state?"
Incoming mind-games.

"As hero of light, he must oppose hosts of the dark-- in other words, you.
If you don't believe me..."

Zexion chucks a card at Riku.

With that, Zexion warps out. Riku is left with only one way to go.

"Funny-- there was a time I couldn't wait to get off this rock.
And now I'm acting all relieved."

By 'couldn't wait', Riku means he was tying logs together and packing perishable food items in possibly the most suicidal attempt to sail off an island I've ever seen. And taking his two friends along, probably to eat once he ran out of coconuts.

Riku's been alone in Castle Oblivion so long that he's actually happy to see these three.

But something is horribly wrong!

"What's wrong, is there something on my face?"

EGADS! They weren't real!

...thank god.

Moving on...

Riku's Diary, Excerpt 39
Mood: Regretful
It's so empty here. Everywhere else it wasn't so bad, I could just focus on the exit and push through. This is... was... home though, and seeing it like this, overrun with heartless and deserted...

Even the deck is a mess, Odds and Evens, a pattern but no purpose. Lexaeus' card is useful though. It makes the third attack in a combo hit really hard. There's no enemy card here.

Sora... If you're here...

Don't run up to her Riku, you know what's--

--going to--


I tried to warn him!

"And in those worlds, you met only dark beings.
That's all that's left in your heart: dark memories.
Your memories of home are gone--each and every one."

"Kairi and Sora, too! They're my... my..."

Riku is coming to terms with how much of an asshole he's been. It's difficult.

You don't sound convinced.



"Many hearts were lost to the darkness."

This is so like a twisted version of "A Christmas Carol". Repent Rikuneezer Scrooge!

"So you opened the door to darkness and destroyed the islands. YOU did that!
And now you belong to the darkness.
Look at what you are!"

This is important. It was never straight out said why Destiny Islands were invaded by heartless but here we find out that it was Riku who somehow opened the door. I'm assuming this meant the door in the 'secret' cave, the one we see open on 'that night' when we go there with Sora. Now, how did Riku get that door open at all?

Camera pans down to the past Riku, who turns into the Darkside boss.

It would have been better if it wasn't a reused model, but whatever.

Here's a shot of the mickey emblem card for this boss, which I never saw in my Sora game. It's a plank that floats on the air up to the boss' face so you can hit him. Riku can jump high enough to hit him on his own so it's completely useless but eh, there you go. This fight is much easier if you DON'T go darkmode, since you can just air-combo him to death and as I've said before, darkmode has no good aerials.

That's not all folks, we'll be continuing immediately, with-

Episode 11: Salt in the Wounds