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Part 65: Episode 14: Light, Darkness, and You

Here it is folks, you've waited patiently and put up with me delaying for weeks but HERE IT FUCKING IS. The last, the final, the ending of KH:CoM. I just want to say how much I enjoyed writing this, and I hope you guys will all join me in Kingdom Hearts which should have it's first post up later this week. I'm really grateful for everyone who stuck with me to the end, it means a lot guys.

Without further ado-

Episode 14: Light, Darkness, and You

It's the final countdown!

"I'll be here at the heart of darkness...
I'll be watching as you plunge into the very darkness you wield..."

Pfft whatever Ansem. This level is 3 rooms long, one of which I made into a save cube.

You run into the hard heartless here, and it's not a very good level up place so I reccommend backtracking to twilight town if you're having trouble. I'm awesome though so I'm gonna beat Ansem before I hit lvl 40.

Sora's final door required 99. Riku gets off with 13. Thank god, since I'm out of door cards by this point and I don't want to level and get more.

I still think "sense" would have been a much better translation than "smell"...

"But I do not understand. Why accept darkness and still refuse me?
You and I are similar. We both follow where the darkness leads.
We exist in the same space-- so why deny me?
Perhaps some part of your heart still fears the dark?"

Somebody teach this kid how to burn, he's embaressing himself.

My thoughts exactly.

"You've been conquered by me once before. You should know what sort of power you face."

Now THAT one wasn't bad...

Oh noes! The abyss! Before we go over the fight in detail lets take a look at this deck they've given me:

It is, in short: awesome. Mickey is also present despite all Riku's whining. Which is good since Ansem is a cheap bastard.

He still has his guardian heartless, and boy is it annoying. Roughly half of your attacks will just be guarded by it, so be prepared for a long fight. He still has the lightning throw and the heartless-punches-you attacks, which are spammed. There's no way to avoid the lightning either, so if you get 5 in a row you just have to eat the damage and hope you can heal it up. Also, you can't just sleight spam Ansem since his heartless will guard pretty much any sleight you throw at him from dark mode.

Ansem has two sleights, which wouldn't be so terrible if not for the fact that his enemy card hides his sleights. This means I can't see if he's got 2 cards ready and prep a 0 in advance. I can only reactively 0-break. I never noticed how much I relied on seeing the enemy's card stack before this fight. Anyways this first sleight is simple: Ansem rockets around the screen running you over. Doesn't do much damage even if you don't break it.

His second sleight is far more deadly. His shadow friend goes underground and then rocket uppercuts you and juggles you upwards for about 1/4 your HP. The problem is he does it 4 times. This move will take you from 100% hp to dead if not broken, but luckily it has a decently long 'warm-up' animation so it's breakable before it starts.

Ansem has 4 full HP bars, and he's a very rough fight. I hope you enjoy my rendition.

*Ninja slice!*


Everything fades to black!

...everything fades to white. I'm gonna get epilepsy over here.

Look! It's the front door! WE MADE IT!

Oh for the love of...

"But my time with you made me change my mind.
You've chosen a road I never thought of.
Light and Dark, back to back. With you, they mingle in a way no one's ever seen before.
I want to see where that road leads."

Awww... And with that final handshake, we leave the sprite world behind and enter into bad-CGI world.

In a fit of sensibility, Riku raided the O.13 storage closet for some sexy new coats.

Wasn't the belt covering your OTHER eye in the game? Tsk tsk.

Fade... to... black...


Once again I took some snaps of the interesting art in the credits, scroll and enjoy.

Let's take this time to honor the fallen. Goodbye Lexaeus. You had too many vowels in your name, but you were a cool dude.

Goodbye Zexion. You were pretty worthless actually.

Goodbye DiZ... Ok you're not dead but whatever.

Goodbye Greg. I'll miss you most of all.

Goodbye Ansem. I never want to see you again!

That's enough of that. Now for some ending screenies!

Sora in an egg. Yep, we've established this.

A really nice view of the clock tower.

Who could this be?


Thank you all, and good night!

When you walk away, you won't hear me say... PLEAAAAAASE oh baby... Don't go! Simple and clean is the way that you're makin' me feel tonight... It's hard to let it go...