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Part 7: Episode 7: Spoilers, Heartless, and Logic, Oh My!

Warning- Warning- Danger Will Robinson! If you have not played Kingdom hearts 1 there are spoilers in this update! The boys are going to discuss a rather important event that occurs midway through the game. Read on at your own discretion.

Also, if our speaking characters stand there, their face doesn't change and they use 4 screens of text I'm gonna transcribe it from now on.

Alright, that's child-proofed. Time for-
Episode 7: Spoilers, Heartless, and Logic, Oh My!

Exiting the door brings us once more to the white corridor. We're now on the 3rd floor folks.

Goofy wasn't about to let that go. He's right too, there was a castle.

Don't think too hard guys, might hurt yourselves.

Since these guys are just going to spoil it anyways, what happened was that Sora took a nasty attack that ripped out his heart! Heart in the KH universe is much more like a soul, rather than the blood pumping muscle we all learned about in school.

Having one's heart ripped out turns one into a Heartless!

It was a pretty traumatic event, so I'm not surprised Sora's memory is fuzzy about that.

Donald however has no such excuse. Uh-oh, something is very wrong.

Logic? Seriously though, good idea fellas. This should clear up all those-

Oh shit.

I bet my minigame hi-scores from KH1 are still there, check those! No?

It's CASTLE OBLIVION. *cue ominous thunder*

Quick flash to a young blonde girl sitting alone in a room with a drawing pad and some crayons. I think we saw you in the opening didn't we? Huzzah forshadowing.

Clearly the loss of the notebook is our most pressing concern.

"Goofy said we've been to some other castle,
But I don't remember it at all. None of us really do.
Maybe... Maybe we don't remember because those memories are gone."

I thought we weren't gonna trust those guys...

"He was talking about memories."

ob·liv·i·on- noun
1. the state of being completely forgotten or unknown
2. the state of forgetting or of being oblivious
Yeah I'd say that about covers that.

Ding ding, we have a winner!

As Riku is kinda the reason we are here I hope you don't.

3rd Floor! Appliances, power tools, leaps of logic!

This is a good question, one I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to. In KH1 we just sort of ran around following a Linear path in Heartless form until we met back up with Donald and Goofy.

Interesting... It's also interesting and kinda sad that all the Heartless we slay in this series were once people who had their hearts stolen. We're given to understand that they were restored at the end of KH1, but were they really?

Clearly climbing a tower that has no purpose except to eat our memories and spit out cards is = to having your heart ripped out. I don't think I agree with this Goofy.

My respect for Goofy just dropped a few notches.

Yes, I've got a deck to redo and I hear some Heartless are in desperate need of giving me more exp.

Awwww. Well now it's time to head upstairs and bust open another World Card. Happiness for me since you guys have chosen one of the better worlds in terms of enemies.

But that will have to wait until next time, in-
Episode 8: Battle of the Spikey Haired Protagonists