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Original Thread: Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend



Kingdom Hearts is a series that started with a small conversation on an elevator and now has bloomed to one of Square-Enix's biggest franchises, with almost a dozen full games available, not including the remixed versions as well. Who knew a game about swinging keys with Disney and Final Fantasy characters would be so engaging?

Final Mix ended up adding several new abilities, a brand new difficulty, couple of new weapons and several new Heartless. And for whatever reason, some existing heartless got new color schemes.

I'll be going for a Proud mode run. The current plan is to beat the game, beat the optional bosses, find all the dalmatians and get the ultima keyblade. Maybe adding more as I go along. I'm also trying to keep the video to around 30 minutes or less, since the files are gonna be a little bigger than I've ever messed with before. Gonna try to stick to about three-four people to a call total since the screw ups in the beginning certainly didn't help me in the long run! With school, it's gonna be rough finding time to get all the recording and editing I need but I'll try to get two-three updates a week whenever I got some ready to go. You can keep up with updates through my twitter.

Also for the sake of things, let's keep spoiler talk to a minimum, or at the very least try not to mention anything past Hollow Bastion first trip. Most of the Disney Worlds don't really bring much so they're all free game. If you wanna talk about the series where it's at now, check out the Kingdom Hearts General in games. If you wanna see how far your wallet can take you, there's also the Kingdom Hearts Unchained X thread as well.


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