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by GameboyHero

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Original Thread: Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix - My Nobody is Ready



Kingdom Hearts is a long running franchise by Square Enix about anime kids and giant keys. Also something about Disney and stuff, but mainly the first two. With the massive success of KH1, a sequel was bound to happen and boy do things get weird. Though before we got 2, there was Chain of Memories, released on the GBA, which is mostly a retread of the first game with stuff that builds up to event that'll happen in 2. This is where the series starts to branch away from the Disney-ness of it all and becomes its own thing, for better or for worse. But man, the combat's so rad!

Final Mix adds a lot to Kingdom Hearts 2, with new abilities, a new form, puzzles to find, several new boss fights and a whole new area for said boss fights as well as some extra cutscenes, now with English voice acting! Final Mix on the PS4 also changes the framerate to be 60 FPS, which aside from making the game silky smooth, also kind of broke a lot of stuff. Most of it has been patched as of these recordings but yea, things were rough the first few months.

As with KH Final Mix, I'll be playing on the hardest difficulty, which introduced for KH2FM is Critical Mode. Critical gives you tons of AP to start with, as well as several abilities and makes the game more than just "press X to win". Doesn't mean I don't still do that, but you'll see how well that goes. Enemies hit harder, but that's expected. I'll be trying to show much as much as I can, from the boss fights to the items you get via synthesis.

As mention in the last thread, If you wanna talk about the series where it's at now, check out the Kingdom Hearts General in games. If you wanna see how far your wallet can take you, there's also the Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ thread as well.

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