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Original Thread: Sometimes It Is Wise To Think Backwards - Let's Play King's Quest I



Back in 1979, husband and wife team Ken and Roberta Williams founded a company called On-Line Systems. The company was renamed to Sierra On-Line in the early '80s, and the company then started producing adventure games. In 1984, Sierra released a game that would revolutionize the adventure game genre and usher in a new golden era, paving the way for studios like Lucasarts to follow later on.

That game was King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown. The game was such a success that it received a makeover in 1990, fixing problems that many people had with the game and making the graphics look more modern.

Eleven years later, some independent developers with the blessing of the Williamses and presmably Activision, released another update. This time bringing King's Quest I into the "modern" era with VGA graphics and an interface similar to later games in the series.

Which brings me to...

About the LP

This is going to be a short screenshot LP where I take you all through the game and get all possible points. And I mean short, too. The game itself only lasts approximately an hour if you know what you're doing. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a classic adventure game that I'm pretty sure is older than most of us.

Oh and there's gonna be puns. If there's one thing this game loves more than dumb puzzles and death, it's puns.

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