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Part 8: Leaving Llewdor

Well shit. I guess Gwydion's a prince. Well, after more than half the game passing, we finally have our quest. Gotta save a sister we've never met and a homeland we've never known from destruction. Kind of a tall order, to be honest.

In order to accomplish this quest, there are three more spells we need to prepare. Don't forget that we are now under a hard time limit of half an hour.

Thankfully, the amber stone was the last ingredient we needed. By the way, I fell off of the path up to the house twice.

So, let's get those three spells prepared and be on our way.

>get toadstool
>get spittle

: The cream-colored toadstool powder is finely textured and nearly odorless.
: Toad spittle is unpleasant stuff (to say the least).

: Prince Gwydion removes the jars of Toadstool Powder and Toad Spittle from the laboratory shelf.

>turn to page vii
>eat salt

: A strange feeling comes over Gwydion. He wonders if he could have made a mistake!

: It appears that stone has a flaw.

Judging by the death message, you might imagine that the stone is flawed. No, it's because Gwydion has pica and can't resist eating everything. Anyway, here's our next spell...

>turn to page vii
>grind salt in mortar
>grind mistletoe in mortar
>rub stone in mixture

: Gwydion places the beautiful amber stone in the mortar. Very carefully, so as not to miss a single spot, he rubs the amber stone around in the mixture of ground salt and mistletoe. When he has finished, he removes the amber stone and discards the remaining powder.

>kiss stone

>wave wand

>turn to page lxxxiv
>drink ocean water

: A strange feeling comes over Gwydion. He wonders if he could have made a mistake!

: There's no silver lining in this cloud, Gwydion.

Right. So the last spell we made was optional, but worth points all the same. These next two are absolutely integral to completing the game. We actually can't win if we don't make them.

The Sorcery of Old is a very thick book. Page LXXXIV is mercifully the longest page number we have to type in, but it's not the farthest in the book we have to turn.

>put ocean water in bowl
>light brazier
>heat bowl on brazier

: Being cautious not to burn himself, Gwydion gently places the bowl of ocean water on the hot charcoal brazier. He watches as the salt water slowly warns, then begins to steam. He removes it just before it boils.

>put mud in bowl

: Adding a spoonful of mud to the hot ocean water, Gwydion slowly stirs the mixture. The mud turns the water a cloudy brown.

>add pinch of toadstool powder
>blow into brew

: Leaning over the hot brew, Gwydion forcefully blows his longest breath of air into the bowl, whirling the brew around and around.

>wave wand
>put storm brew in jar

: Waiting until the liquid has cooled, Gwydion carefully pours the storm brew into an empty glass jar.

>turn to page clxix

That's page 169.

>eat cactus

No gif necessary for this one. Gwydion is just gone.

: Gwydion! Oh, Gwydion! (What Gwydion? Where??)

Alright, so this is the final spell we need to cast. Compared to some of the others we've cast, it's mercifully non-complex.

>turn to page clxix
>cut cactus with knife

: Using his kitchen carving knife, Gwydion cuts a gash in the small cactus. Juice begins to drip.

>squeeze cactus juice onto spoon

: Grabbing one of the measuring spoons from the oaken table, Gwydion grasps the slit catcus in his hand, and squeezes it until he has a spoonful of cactus juice. The small cactus is quite devoid of liquid now, so he tosses it away.

>put cactus juice in bowl
>put lard in bowl

: Gwydion scrapes the lard into the mixing bowl, and keeps the now-empty jar nearby to store the finished formula.

>add toad spittle
>stir mixture with spoon

That's not a very good rhyme.

>wave wand
>put ointment in jar

: Gwydion scoops the invisibility ointment out of the clay bowl and returns it to the lard jar. Having successfully completed the spell, he looks at the wizard's laboratory for the last time.

: The dirty-brown storm brew sloshes around in the half-filled glass jar.
: The amber stone was a beautiful reddish-yellow, but it is now encrusted with salt and mistletoe powder.
: The jar of invisibility ointment is nearly full of a thick, oily substance.

: Gwydion was normally the sentimental type. But he gave the house not even a passing thought as he looked at the magic map to leave it for the last time. He had endured nearly eighteen years of abuse in that horrible place and wanted nothing more to do with it. So just like that, he left for the small village in Llewdor.

These fellows look trustworthy.

>talk to captain

: The sailors peer at Gwydion through bleary eyes, and continue swilling their rum. One, who looks like a captain, pauses, and drunkenly slurs...

: Aye, me bucko, be ya wantin' passage on me ship? Whatcha runnin' from? Aw, s'no matter. 's long as ya got gold. Les me see how much ya got!

These fine chaps are obviously pirates. Gwydion, thanks to Manannan's sheltered upbringing, has no idea. So let's play along and see where this takes us...

>give gold to captain

: As Gwydion brins out the purse, the captain snatches it from his hand.

: Aye lad, I sees ya do have a wee bit 'o gold. It's less'n me reg'lar fare, but I'll gives ya passage anyways. We'll be waitin' fer ya at the wharf, but not fer long.

: The captain and his men down their run in one long draught, then leave the tavern.

It is a pretty nice ship.

: As the gangplank is drawn in, Gwydion hears the Captain shout to his men.

: Take 'is things an put 'im in the 'old until I figures out what ta do with 'im.

: Gwydion has a sneaking suspicion that he has made a bit mistake. These are pirates!

By the way, if we hadn't turned Manannan into a kitty cat, this is where he would appear to strike you dead, regardless of what he was previously doing. This ship here is also the hard time limit I mentioned. Once you finish the Oracle sequence, the pirates pull into port, and leave after exactly half an hour has passed.

NEXT TIME: The infamous ship sequence.

List of Points

+1 - Powdered toadstools
+1 - Toad drool
+10 - Kissed a rock
+10 - Boiled seawater and put mud in it
+10 - Lard makes you invisible
+3 - Bought passage from Llewdor

Total: 172/210

Register of Deaths

Falling off the mountain path x2
Teleport accident
Storms are brewing on your head x3
Where did you go, Gwydion? x2