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Part 12

Hello everyone and welcome back to King's Quest IV. According to VirtualDub, we have 15 minutes left before it's all said and done. And between here and there are a bunch more deaths yet to go. So let's not waste any time!

We just have to get down this half a flight of stairs and we're done with the hair tearing spiral staircases forever. Our next stop is in the hallway that we skipped last time.

We want to go into this small room up here.

Space Quest III - Astro Chicken

>get hen

: Now now! Only one golden egg per day.

Rats. Oh well, I guess Rosella will have to console herself with her chest of neverending gold at home.

>get box

: This seems to be some sort of storage room. What did you come in here for?

While it looks like there's more to do in here, we just needed to grab the things that Lolotte demanded on our way back down. For full points, you know how it is.

The door on this screen leads to the prison cell we briefly visited earlier in the game. There's no reason to come over here at all... with one exception. If you're playing the AGI version of the game, this screen has a little easter egg. You have to type >beam me up.

If you do that, you get taken to a recreation of the Star Trek bridge for a meet and greet with the developers. A lady named "hercrabbiness" uploaded it on youtube if you want to take a look.

Let's just continue on. We're actually done with the castle entirely. So we just need to slowly make our way out.

This is directly south from what used to be Lolotte's throne room.

Before I forget...

Pandora's Box. Looks about like you'd expect. Anyway, we want to go into the stables over on the left.

>pet unicorn

: Rosella reaches out to pet the unicorn's nose, but it won't let her.

>talk unicorn

: The unicorn rolls back its eyes. It obviously doesn't trust Rosella anymore.

>open gate

Gotta stand in the middle of the stable when you type that or it won't work.

: As soon as Rosella opens the gate, the wild unicorn impatiently leaves its hated prison. It quickly trots out the open stable door to freedom.

This is the hardest platforming challenge in the game.

The walkable path is extremely narrow, even for an old sierra title. If you don't babysit Rosella's walking animation, you'll fall off repeatedly.

Annoying, but by this point you should be saving before doing any platforming in a Sierra title. This took four attempts.


Insert me falling off the narrow passage six more times.

No more zombies, thankfully. Though our holes still mar the land. Anyway, we need to take care of Pandora's Box permanently. So let's go back in the tomb.

The mummy doesn't care about what time of day it is. Its job is to protect Pandora's Box. The scarab still wards it away.

>drop box

Good riddance. Let's ensure that nobody ever finds it again.

>close door
>lock door

: Rosella places the skeleton key in the lock of the crypt door. Click. It locked! She kicks the key through a crack under the door. Now no one will ever accidentally release the evils of Pandora's Box into the world!

I really hope she kicked it hard enough that the sucker skidded off the platform and onto the crypt floor below. Put it completely out of reach forevermore. I'm also really surprised that locking the box away forevermore only got us +2 points. Weird.

Oh, and for what it's worth, it's quarter after 6. There's nothing left for us to do on the house or, indeed, anywhere on the island. So let's get going...

A straight shot across the bay to Genesta's island, and we're outta here. Be sure to save before swimming. The shark patrolling the bay knows if you haven't, and will show up to teach you a painful lesson.

'sup Mr. Peacock, just hanging out? That's cool.

: Genesta's tiny fairies guard the palace door.

We can waltz right on in, so let's go.

>open door

It looks like there are other doors, but the other two may as well be painted on. We're pretty much locked into a straight shot to Genesta.

Her palace is pretty nice, though. I like the landing here especially.

You know, Rosella has had a pretty shitty day. She was tied to a stake as a sacrifice for a three headed dragon, her dad had sudden onset of heart failure, and then she got forced into a pretty terrifying adventure. She's gotta be both exhausted and starving. The last food she ate was almost 24 hours ago with the dwarves!

So I guess it wouldn't hurt if we take one little bite...

>eat fruit

: Rosella takes a bite of the luscious-looking fruit. Mmmmm! Delicious! Before she knows it, she has eaten the whole thing. Wow! A feeling of vigor and vitality courses through her body, giving her boundless energy and that wonderful glow of health.

Shit. Well maybe heart failure isn't deadly.

>give talsiman to genesta

: Rosella gives the magic talisman to the dying fairy. ALmost instantly, the color returns to her cheeks and her green eyes begin to sparkle. She sits up in bed, stretches, and smiles at Rosella.

Well, Genesta looks better.

: You have saved my life, Rosella! Not only that, you have saved Tamir from the persecution of Lolotte. We are deeply indebted to you. I want to go outside; I need to feel the warm sun on my face!

: Rosella suddenly finds herself outside.
: You performed so heroically for all of us here in Tamir... but you forgot one thing. You forgot the magic fruit for your father.
: Rosella coughs discreetly and wipes the juice from her mouth.
: Well, it's too late now. I must immediately return you to Daventry so you may at least bid him good-bye.
: Genesta waves her wand and Rosella finds her peasant garb has changed back into her royal gown.
: You look like yourself again. You'd best be off. We won't forget you here! Good luck!

: Rosella made it just in time. Just in time that is... to look her father in the eyes before he quietly dies. He must have been waiting for her return.

Well everyone, that's the end of King's Quest IV. Kind of a downer ending, I know. But this game was always one of the darkest in the series. So I'll see you all next week when we start King's Quest V!

The real ending is coming tomorrow.

List of Points

+2 - Rescued the hen. Again.
+2 - Got Pandora's Box back
+4 - Freed the unicorn
+2 - Returned the evil box
+2 - Locked the door
-10 - Ate the fruit. The one that would have saved Graham.
+10 - Gave the talisman to Genesta



Register of Deaths

Falling off the Mountain Path x10
Tripping at the Bottom of the Mountain