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Part 13: The Island of Mordack

Hello everyone, and welcome back to King's Quest V. Last time, Cedric got greviously wounded by some harpies and now his life is in our hands. So let's not waste any time and get moving.

If we consult the ocean map, we're not too far from the beach we started on. Right now we're directly south of Harpy Island. So...

west x4

The Hermit is the only vaguely friendly person for miles in any direction, so we have to see if he can help us. Maybe he'll be more receptive if he sees Cedric is wounded...


King's Quest V - The Hermit

: You still here?
: Please help me. I need your help.
: I can't hear ya! Can't understand a thing you said. Gotta speak up boy! Now, get on outta here!

We've got a few seconds before he slams the door in our face, so let's see if we can't help him out.

: Graham can almost hear the ocean inside the spiral shell of the conch.

I bet the spiral of the conch would be perfect for directing sound into the Hermit's ears.

: What's this?
: Graham mimes holding the shell, points at it, and then raises his hand up to his ear. The Hermit stares for a second and then understands and holds the shell to his hear.
: Now what were you wanting?
: My owl friend is hurt. He was wounded by the harpies.
: Wounded by the harpies, did you say? Well, bring him on into the house. I'll fix him right up... good as new!

The hermit has dialogue for if you left Cedric to die on the island, though it's largely the same. Just replace "bring him on into the house" with "if you can bring him to me." Let's just move on.

: Lay him on the bed there. These poultices should fix the little feller up good as new.

: Ooooh I'm feeling better already! Tell me, what was in those pooooultices? My employer would be very interested in them.

: Eh? What was that?
: I said, what was in those poultices? My employer would be interested in them.
: Gifts from the sea, lad. Gifts from the sea. Ain't nothin' special. You just gotta know how to use 'em. I don't think he'd find them particularly interestin'.

: Now, son. What was it you was tryin' to tell me before?
: I was trying to find out where the wizard Mordack's island is. He kidnapped my family and is holding them hostage there. I MUST get to them before it's too late!
: Oh, I'm right sorry to hear about that. He's a nasty one, that Mordack. I wouldn't wanna tangle with him. I'd try to talk you outta goin' there 'cept I can see that you cain't leave your poor defenseless family unaided. I can enlist someone who can lead you straight to his island. Follow me outside.

: The Hermit blows a nautical whistle.

King's Quest V - The Mermaid

: Pearl, this man needs your help. He needs you to lead him to Mordack's island. It's a real emergency. Mordack's holding his family hostage. Pearl can't speak human talk but she's agreed to help you. Just get on into your boat and follow her.
: Cedric and I want to thank you for all your help, Mr.... uh?
: Don't worry about who I am. You just get on over to that there island and take care of your family.
: Aye aye, sir. We're off! C'mon Cedric!

I guess Pearl is taking us past the sea monster.

King's Quest V - Mordack's Castle

Because there's no mistaking Mordack's island for anything other than what it is.

: Oh, no! Watch out for the rocks, Graham!
: Brace yourself, Cedric!

Hope you found the locket, the iron bar, Cedric, and the fish hook. Because there's no going back anymore.

: Help me, I'm caught! Oh, help!

: Are you all right, Cedric?
: Well, let me see... I'm fine, Graham. Just a bit rrrruffled, is all.

: Ooooh I hate to say this Graham, but I don't like this place at all!
: I know what you mean, Cedric...


: Ugh, a dead fish. Well, maybe I can use it.

: The smelly old fish is much too disgusting for human consumption.

If you walk off right here, Graham screams for half a second and then you hear a splash. Then the generic "falling to your death" message plays.

And if you...


: I think I'll stay here until you come back.

: Say hello to Davy Jones, Graham.

Contrasting the deaths from Wednesday, these are pretty funny. Being randomly grabbed by a squid is pretty high up on the "you can't even get mad because it's so funny" list.

Anyway, let's carefully walk up the path to the north.


: Ooooh I don't like this place. It's crrrreepy.


: Two monstrous statues of grotesque, distorted serpents face each other across the narrow trail leading to Mordack's castle.

Well this looks legit. Let's go north past the obvious guardians.


: Too bad. It looks like the EYES have it.

So, this puzzle isn't too bad I guess? Graham is still wearing Madame Mushka's pendant, so this is some pretty powerful and evil magic. So there's only a handful of items that could work here.


It seems fairly straightforward to me. But I could also just be thankful that it's not or yeti.

The guardians are taken care of, so let's move on!


: Well, it looks like there's n-n-no way in. Let's turn back.
: Come ON, Cedric!
: Look, there is nothing on this world or any other that will stop me from rescuing my family. We're NOT turning back. You're free to go if you like, but I'M staying. End of discussion.

Anyway, this is a transitional screen. There's nothing to do here but fall off a ledge and go around the corner to the left. And we've fallen off enough ledges in this game already.


: See? D-d-dead end! Let's go back now!
: No! I'll figure this out.

Well, the grate is dead center of the screen, and beyond the sheer drop and chaos rocks in the background, it's the only notable thing here. So that's probably what we need to mess with.


: Graham notices a rusted grate imbedded into a stone platform of Mordack's castle.


: Graham tugs hard on the grate but soon finds it's rusted in place and can't be budged.

Alright, so before we pass this puzzle and end the update... I want everyone to take the time to say goodbye to Cedric. Because as of right now, we're officially done with him for the rest of the game. He's not going to follow us inside, and beyond some screentime in the ending and a slight cameo much, much, much later on, we're done with him period!

Oh, and apparently if you spend too much time on this screen, you get discovered by one of Mordack's henchmen? I only learned this just now by looking at the transcript.


open grate

: Ooooh you're crazy to go down into that dark hole; yoooou don't know what's down there!
: Well, do YOU have any better ideas?
: No... uh, mind if I wait for you here?
: No, that's a GOOD idea, Cedric. You be the lookout out here!
: Yes... I'll be the lookout. Be careful, Graham!
: Graham rolls his eyes and climbs down into the dark hole.

That's enough for now!

NEXT TIME: Mordack's Maze

List of Points

+7 - A shell of an easier time hearing now
+1 - Smelly fish 2
+5 - Blew up the snake eyes
+4 - Wedged grate open

Also some points I forgot to add in previous updates...

+2 - Got tambourine
+3 - Fed the eagle



Register of Deaths

Falling into the water around Mordack's island from a height of 5 feet.
Swimming home
The eyes have it