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Original Thread: Alexander feels a strange pulling sensation! - Let's FINISH King's Quest VI



It's back! Over three years ago, I set out to do as many King's Quest titles as I could. After putting out updates 3-5 times a week for 5 straight months, I burnt out and I burnt out hard. It was just a pity that I burnt out during my favorite of the lot. All the buildup and all of the terrible times for none of the payoff. I intend to correct that mistake and I will finish King's Quest 6.

What guarantees do you have that I won't burn out this time? Easy. The LP is already done. I have it all edited, screenshotted, typed up, and uploaded.

I've been living under a rock. What is King's Quest?

I have some light reading for you! You probably want to catch up on these, because both myself and the game will be shamelessly referencing them.

King's Quest I - The Quest for the Throne
King's Quest II - Romancing the Throne
King's Quest III - To Heir is Human
King's Quest IV - The Perils of Rosella
King's Quest V - Absence Makes the Heart go Yonder

Will you be contininuing on to King's Quest VII after this?

No. I originally had plans to do so, but those plans are much different now. King's Quest VII has a reputation for being a boring game, and while it's engaging to play, I can't guarantee that it will be entertaining to read. Also it's more than twice as long as this game is.

Maybe someday, but not now.

Tell me about the game!

Assuming you've done the requisite fast track 5-act coursework up above and have caught up...

Months have passed since Graham rescued his family from Mordack's castle at the end of King's Quest V. In all that time, Alexander has been unable to forget about the cute girl he briefly saw for like 45 seconds during the ending. One day while moping in the throne room, he hears a mysterious voice coming from the magic mirror on the wall...


It shouldn't have to be said. This is easily the King's Quest game with the most story. Tag that shit. This game is probably older than some of you, so asking you to go spoiler-free is an exercise in futility. Just don't be That Guy who Kramers into the thread to talk at length about the game's ending on the first update.

If in doubt, use tags. If you're talking about something the LP hasn't covered, use tags.

Table of Contents

I - Two Pirates and Al Borland
II - A Bridge Repair Kit
III - Prince Salamander of Pagentry
IV - Alexander Pulls Out His Magic Map
V - A Fifteen Year-old Roleplayer
VI - A Purple Fiddlewhacker
VII - It's Hardly Bath Water
VIII - His Name is Abdul Alhazred
IX - Not a Very Pleasant Stick-in-the-Mud
X - Magical Flying Nightshade Bush
XI - Hand-to-Hand Combat with a Minotaur
XII - The Shape of a Black Cloak
XIII - A Shining Example for an Impressionable Genie
XIV - The Beast You Could Do
XV - Truly Incredible Spoiled Egg
XVI - You're mad!
XVII - Ticket, please! Next!
XVIII - Burden Me Not With Thine Poetry
XIX - Princes Have no Sense of Humor
XX - A Ninny at Chess
XXI - A Jilted Lover
XXII - Girl in the Tower
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