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Part 8: His Name is Abdul Alhazred

VIII - His name is Abdul Alhazred

Hello everyone and welcome back! I actually intended to do all this in the previous update, but it would have made it somewhere approaching gigantic instead of bite-sized like I like keeping these.

We have a lot to do today, and a lot of points to get. We're actually now preparing to climb the Cliffs of Logic Copy Protection. This means that the second exam puzzle, and the one that most people think about when they think about this game, is coming up soon!


First things first. I'm not entirely sure how you're supposed to figure this out, but it is also an entirely optional puzzle. So I guess it doesn't matter in the end!


Alexander winds the mechanical nightingale and places it on the ground.

We could have done this any time after meeting Jollo, but there's no need to until now.

The mechanical nightingale sings a sweet, tinny tune. The real nightingale in the tree cocks her head and listens intently.

The nightingale flies to a lower branch and looks at Alexander curiously as if she were deciding that this human might not be so bad.


We're on the long ending path, so we don't need the mechanical nightingale again. I dislike the puzzles in the "short" ending path, because I have bad memories of doing them, so... fuck 'em.

Hmmm. Alexander doesn't remember that sign being on the wall before. He decides to take a closer look.

It's a proclamation. It reads:

"Citizens Rejoice! Announcing the royal wedding and coronation of Vizier Abdul Alhazred and Princess Cassima. For reasons of security, the wedding will not be open to the public. Long live the new king and queen of the Land of the Green Isles!"

Alexander feels his stomach lurch and his brow sweat. Wedding? Coronation? If he doesn't do something soon, Cassima will be another man's wife!

I like that the sign appears there. It shows that it's not a static world.

pawn shoppe

Your candy dish is empty!
I am sorry, sir, but I have no more mints. SOMEbody has eaten them all.
Well, get some more then!
I fear that is impossible. Without the ferry, I can no longer get imports from the other islands, and we do not grow mint extract on the Isle of the Crown.
I want to speak to your supervisor.
This is MY shop, and I am going to have to ask you to leave.

OOOH! I HATE not getting what I want!

Shamir The Crystal Exarch The Old Man stomps out.

Pardon me, merchant, but do you still have my family ring?
Why, yes, Prince Alex. I have it right under the counter. Why do you ask?

I found this large pearl. Might it be valuable enough to ransom back my family ring?
<whistle> I have never seen such a perfect pearl. Certainly, you can have your ring back. Although I do think I am getting the better end of the deal here, Prince Alex.

I'm glad you didn't sell it. I'm a bit attached to it, I'm afraid.
Of course, you are! You would be cold-hearted if you felt any differently! I am happy to see a family heirloom back with its rightful owner.
Thank you again, merchant, and have a wonderful day!
You as well, Prince Alex. You as well!

Into Ali's Books we go next.

Jollo is here!

Jollo! How fare you, and what news have you from the castle
Prince Alex! How I fare is close to boiling! Have you seen the wedding proclamations around the village? I've heard rumors of the wedding, of course, but I didn't want to believe it--and I never thought it would be so soon!
Cassima. Married. It is an unpleasant thing to swallow, friend. If only I knew if Cassima wished it. Tell me about the vizier, Jollo
The vizier? Hmph. Now there's a dangerous subject. His name is Abdul Alhazred. He came to the kingdom fifteen years ago. The king was fascinated by his knowledge and his fine-sounding ideas.

Why does the evil vizier always have "fine-sounding ideas"? Also, it's apparently no coincidence that the vizier is named after the author of the Necronomicon. According to the King's Quest wiki, he IS the same person.

It didn't take long for Alhazred to convince the king to trust him with the 'minor problems' of daily government. You see, Caliphim had a wife and a new daughter he wanted to spend time with. Alhazred became vizier.
And, now?
Well, he's had his eye on Cassima ever since she was a young girl. And she IS the only thing between him and the throne.

Gross. Abdul is not only evil, but he's potentially a pedophile as well.

Do you think he means to harm her?
I honestly don't know. I think he'd rather keep her as wife, but whatever his plans for the princess, he will use her to his best advantage. That's his way.
Perhaps he has charmed her. Perhaps she cares for him now.
The vizier is capable of anything, and Cassima must be vulnerable and lonely right now. Still, she has always instinctively distrusted him. Cassima has a good head on her shoulders. I'd be surprised if she's truly fallen for his words of love.
I must return to the castle, Prince Alex, and you to your wanderings. May we both fare well.

While I'm sure we could follow Jollo, there's no need to a second time. We have business with Ali.

How fare you, merchant?
Well, I would be better if I could only finish my manuscript. I am a budding novelist, you know.
I see. If you ever finish, I would like to read your novel.
Heh. When I finish, young man. When.
Of course. Anyway,
I found this rare book, and I thought of your offer.
Very interesting! It is a wonderful riddle book. Riddles are much more marketable than spells these days. I guess people believe more in mirth than in magic. Here is the spell book you wanted, and a fair trade it is, I must say. Enjoy it.
I certainly hope so. We shall see how rusty my spell-casting truly is.

Alexander is carrying a book from the book shop. The cover says, "Ye Olde Spell Booke."

Using it opens it. So let's crack it open and take a look!

We have a black feather, and I'm sure we can get some swamp ooze easily enough.

Sacred water sounds difficult, but the others wouldn't be too bad. We just have to find a fountain and some kind of salt water.

We can't even begin approaching this spell yet. Not only do we not have a skull, we don't have embers or brimstone.

Three spells! And they are only actually used on the long ending path. King's Quest 6 is a much, much shorter game if you go for the quick ending.

out, east

Let's go ahead and get a bunch of optional points.


A snake slithers down from the tree. It has sparkly yellow eyes.

Alexander holds out his insignia ring to the nightingale, hoping she perhaps is the nightingale that Jollo spoke of, and that she might be able to take the ring to Cassima. The ring is the one thing he has that might alert Cassima to his presence on the isles.
The nightingale swoops down and grabs the ring! She flies off towards the castle. Perhaps to Cassima?

Bird Takes Item

Cassima's Theme ***Holy shit listen to this one***

Cassima's theme is one we heard many years ago, back in King's Quest V. And now we can hear it in its full glory.

Sing Sing! What have you got in your mouth, my pretty? A gold ring? Sing Sing, where did you get this? 'Realm of Daventry....?' But, this is Alexander's ring! Oh, my soul, he must be here!
Sing Sing, I wish you could tell me what you've seen! Is he really here, then; on this very island? Oh, if only I could leave this castle as easily as you! Take this ribbon, Sing Sing. If you know where he is, return it to him!

Please be careful, Alexander. It is so dangerous, and yet... I could not wish you away.

The little bird makes a delivery!


It's a red velvet hair ribbon! Could it be? Could it possibly belong to Cassima herself?
Or am I merely wishing it were so <sigh>?

The lady's hair ribbon is made of the finest red velvet. A long strand of black hair is caught in the ribbon.
Alexander examines the red ribbon and finds a strand of long, black hair.

The strand of hair from the red ribbon is the color of midnight. Alexander can only hope that it belongs to his true love.
The strand of black hair is thick and still bears a trace of perfume.

Well that certainly takes care of one of the requirements for the last spell. But we're not done here yet.


Alexander holds out the love poem, hoping that the bird will deliver it to the same place she took the ring--in the chance that the receiver might truly be Cassima! The nightingale swoops down, grabs the love poem, and takes it towards the castle!

If you do this out of order, there's alternate scenes where Cassima thinks the gifts are from Alhazred and tells Sing-Sing to not trust him.

Back she goes again.

The nightingale swoops down, grabs the love poem, and takes it towards the castle!

That page keeps changing sizes.

Sing Sing, my sweet, you bring another present! Let me see! It's a poem, Sing Sing!
What was it when I looked at you? What power has chained me through and through? And binds my heart with links so tight, I cannot live without the sight of you....
Oh, AlexANder! I was hoping he'd return to you! Take this to him while he waits! Hurry, my fleet one!

Sing-Sing gets a different page.

It kinda blends in with the dirt path. Good thing we saw it drop or there'd be slight problems.


It's a note!

A small means of defense? We can probably swing that!

Alexander's hand trembles as he reads the note. For the first time in his long search, he has heard her voice again--if only in writing. No words of love, only friendly concern. "Friend!" Is the maiden merely shy, or does she regard him only as a brother?

Alexander has got it baaaaad. Anyway, that's enough for now.

NEXT TIME: Sibling rivalry

List of Points

+4 - Befriended Sing-Sing
+2 - A monster pearl is worth a ring, sure
+1 - Ye Olde Book of Useful Spells
+3 - Gave a ring to a random bird
+1 - Cassima's ribbon
+1 - Got Cassima's hair
+1 - Love poem to bird
+1 - Friendzoned by Cassima

Total Points: 79/231

Register of Deaths

None this time!