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Part 10: Magical Flying Nightshade Bush

X - Magical Flying Nightshade Bush

Hello everyone and welcome back. Now that we have the hole in the wall, we don't ever need to use the flute again.

The tinder box is needed for the next exam puzzle coming up and then after that we don't need to use any pawn shop items until the endgame.

And while we're here, there's something I wanted to do.

I thought this scene was supposed to pop up much later in the game.

Hurry up, girls! There's plenty of work afoot today. No time to dawdle!
Yes, Sergeant Gruff.

But seeing this also alerts us to a possible way into the castle! If Alexander had a dress, he could disguise himself as a servant and find a way in. That's actually the way into the castle if you take the short ending path.

It's well that they're here, Woof. Cook has driven himself mad, I hear, worrying over the wedding preparations.
Aye, <woof!> What a celebration there will be today! Wine will flow like a river of red!

It sounds like the wedding is today. So no pressure on Alex or anything.


castle wall

It stays put, so we just need to at it and...

The hole-in-the-wall just looks at Alexander mutely, but it seems to be enjoying this particular wall.

Castle Downstairs

Give that link a click. It's a nice preview of a track you normally only hear at the very end of the long path.

Alexander can see what looks like a hallway in the basement of the castle. It must lie just on the other side of this wall.

Need to remember to take the hole with us! We'll need this little fellow sooner than you might imagine. And now that we've spied on the castle and wasted time, let's get to the meat of this update.

Copy protection.


This is all written in the Handbook to the Green Isles that came with the game. Luckily for us, there's a version available on Page 33 has what we need to know.

R I S E (each on a different line)
Huge blocks of stone erupt from the granite cliffs.

Alexander stares with wonder. That's quite a way to welcome a guest--if, indeed, it IS a welcome.

We need to on the steps and climb up.

This is the only screen we can do this on, but if we get Alexander up a few steps and deliberately click midair...

And if we do it three times...

Hey! Quit making me fall!

He really does say it too!

See? Anyway...

Second screen (of five). Falling from here is instantly fatal.

"The Ancient Ones were believers in the power of language. They were fond of saying, "A master of languages will soar."" Unfortunately for us, we have to decipher the glyphs. Thankfully, again, the manual comes to our rescue.

S - Stick figure tilted diagonally
O - A face with a handlebar mustache
A - It looks like a target with a line down the middle
R - It looks like a bird. Or a stylized ear of corn. Again, tilted diagonally.

I've memorized the rest of the cliffs of logic, but I can never remember this one. Though I actually DID remember all the glyphs you need, just not the right combination.

The stone beneath Alexander's feet trembles as more steps emerge from the granite cliffs.

I had to!

Moving on, we're on the third screen. This is the only screen where randomly clicking on answers to try and brute force the solution will kill you. This is a King's Quest game, after all.

Third from the left
Alexander gets the feeling that was the wrong button.

And then he drops down two screens to die horribly on the beach.

Damn entry hazards. Anyway, back to the manual and... "Four men standing in a row, Third from the left and down you go., The rest, in order, move you on, The Youngest, the Oldest, and the Second Son.

So we just need to 4th, 1st, 2nd buttons

This screen is another stupid glyph solving one.

This requires scouring the manual for the answer. Looking at the guidebook eventually reveals in the middle of a paragraph that... "At the top of this scale were the Sacred Four; the emotion "tranquility, " the color "azure, " the creature "caterpillar," and the element "air.""

Tranquility - It looks like a rook/castle from chess.
Azure - The handlebar mustache face again
Caterpillar - A ground fissue? It's a jagged line going diagonally. With dots on either side of the jagged line.
Air - Someone doing the /hildy pose. (A backwards S flipped on its side with a dot in one of the curves)

Last puzzle. This one is really easy, and we can refer to the manual for the direct answer instead of glyph nonsense.

"Only those of the highest order may ASCEND the cliffs of logic."

A S C E N D (each in a different word, though I don't think it actually matters)

Alexander finds the top of the cliffs. Exhausted, he steps over the lip of the plateau and stands.

The Old Lady on the Cliff

Why do you make such an effort to climb the cliffs, young man? The Winged Ones who live on this island have the power of flight. You can have it too if only you would eat a berry from this magical flying nightshade bush!

The Old Lady Floats

See? The sweet berries will make you float like a petal on the wind! Try some!
But...who are you, matron?
Who cares? Er.... I mean, I am only a poor old woman who wishes you well, handsome stranger. Think of me as your grandmama, if you like.
How can this plant give the power of flight?
Listen, son! I'll be happy to answer any questions you like, but only if you at least taste these delicious berries.
I've studied alchemy, you know...
Then you surely already know about the benefits of this bush. Why don't you partake?
Well, I'm convinced!

nightshade bush

All right. I'll try some of your berries.
Oh, goody! Eat quickly, dear boy, and I'll show you the way to the lord and lady of this isle!

Death by Poison Berries

Wha....? <choke>
Hee, hee, hee! Slightly BITTER, pretty one?

I'm pretty sure this is one of the last appearances of the golden-eyed trickster in the "blatantly trying to get you killed" forms.

Anyway, this is a little awkward. There's only three ways to go - back down the cliffs, up the path, and into the cave. And I'm pretty sure Alex for some reason will not do the latter two. So we just need to wait this old woman out.

Come, stranger, trust me! Think of what I'm offering you!
It's a nightshade bush. I'm not an idiot. I know those are deadly.
Young man, you offend me! I try to help you, and you insist on being rude!
You're trying to get me killed. Yet again! First at the docks on the Isle of the Crown, then in the garden on the Isle of the Beast, and now up here. I know the Vizier has a genie, and the way you've been able to poof around ahead of me... you're obviously him!
I don't have to stay here and listen to these claims!
Stay tied to the ground like a load of lead! See if I care, human!

How odd! The old woman just disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Perhaps those berries are even more powerful than she led Alexander to believe!
Or... and stay with me here... she's the genie in disguise. Trying to get me out of the Vizier's hair.
Yep. She definitely poofed away because of the berries.

Now that we won't be rude to an old woman, we can cave

While this may look familiar to those of you who read King's Quest IV, this cave is the product of a much kinder Sierra.

This is technically an optional step, as Alex can safely cross the cave even without it, but it's worth points. And while I'm thinking about it...

The pawn shop's tinder box is slightly battered but in reasonably good shape. The tinder box contains a candle as well as some flint and tinder.
It feels exactly like a tinder box.

Anyway, the cave is 100% safe. So we can cross over to the small entrance and go in.

The lighting in this part of the cave is better. Alexander extinguishes the candle's flame and places it back in his pack.


A natural window-like opening in the rock provides a view to the outside world. A peppermint plant grows on the window's ledge.


Alexander takes a few leaves from the plant. As he does so, a strong smell of peppermint is released. Ah!

The genie loves peppermint, so if we're forced to deal with him, we can use this to our advantage. Never hurts to be prepared!

This update is already past where I'd like to stop it, but after a brief conversation, we'll be in the next exam puzzle. I'd like to dedicate the entire next update to that, so time for a little overtime!

up the path

Gates of the City of the Winged Ones

Look! An intruder!

Hold! How did you get up here, human?
I climbed the cliffs.
That is not possible! No one has solved the Cliffs of Logic in several centuries--and if the cliffs WERE to be solved, it would certainly not be by a HUMAN!
I...I didn't mean to trespass. I only wanted to visit this beautiful island.
No visitors have been welcome on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain in years! Not since the red and white queens had spies in the guise of 'friendly visitors' steal our island's sacred golden fleece!
But we will not display such foolish trust again! You will have to answer to Lord Azure and Lady Aeriel. They will determine what will be done with you! I can assure you, it will not be pleasant!

They're going to the birdhouse in the background.

Palace Nest

With what trickery did you master the Cliffs of Logic and reach the City of the Winged Ones?
Only the magic of clear thought, my lord. I meant no harm."
The Cliffs of Logic? It is the sacred Oracle's prophecy, Azure!
Yes, Aeriel. Hmmm. It is lucky for you, human, that climbing the Cliffs of Logic is part of a prophecy that I cannot ignore. We have just been ordered by Vizier Alhazred himself to 'dispose' of any strangers that might land on our fair Isle. But the prophecy would have a different fate befall you.
The prophecy predicts that whosoever climbs the Cliffs of Logic will defeat the minotaur.
The minotaur has violated our sacred catacombs and eats our young in sacrifice. Our own daughter, Lady Celeste, was taken there only this morning as his most recently demanded offering! A dilemma then--whom shall I obey in regards to your fate? The Oracle or the Crown? But since Alhazred did not dictate HOW I was to dispose of intruders, and since you cannot possibly survive the catacombs, your imprisonment there should serve both purposes quite admirably.
I will not resist you in this, my lord. I shall do my best to save your daughter.
Hmph. First I must tell you that the catacombs are a labyrinth of rooms, a place of exceeding danger. You will need many tools and clear wits to survive it.
I am ready.
Very well. My guards will take you there now. You seem courageous enough, but the catacombs will determine how brave you really are.

This scene only plays out if you have everything you need to beat the catacombs. If you're not ready, there's a slightly different scene where the game, once again, proves its kindness.

Azure, he must be allowed time to prepare for the task--if only in the slight chance that he could actually save our Celeste.
Hmmm. Very well. Intruder, my guards will take you to the beach. Prophesied hero or spy, any soldier must be granted time to prepare for battle. Be warned! If you have the courage to actually return to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain and face your destiny, my guards will have orders to take you to the catacombs on sight
I understand, Lord Azure.
If by some miracle you succeed, human, the prophecy grants you a visit with the sacred Oracle. Her powers are mighty, her vision all-seeing.
Many of our own citizens would be willing to risk certain death in the catacombs for a chance at a meeting with the Oracle. May that thought give you the courage to return.
Oh, I will return, Lady Aeriel. You have my word.

If you get that scene, drop a hard save as soon as you're set down on the beach. Because you have a single opportunity to get everything you need. If you return to the Isle of the Sacred Mountain without everything you need, then too damn bad for you.

For what it's worth, only one item we've picked up in this update is needed in the catacombs, and it's not the peppermint.

Why did you tell Lord Azure you were ready and willing to face the catacombs? No one is ever ready--and only a fool could be willing!
And you are far wiser, I suppose, to leave a maiden to die--to not fight this plague on your own people?
Bravery and suicide are two different things, human! You will have a chance to renounce your choice soon enough--when you lay trembling under the minotaur's hooves!
We shall see. Thanks for the...escort.
We only escort you to your death! May the Fates make it quick so that you do not have to scream long!

NEXT TIME: The Catacombs

List of Points

+5 - Copy Protection (1 for each puzzle)
+1 - Entered the mountain cave (seriously)
+2 - Illumination
+1 - Fresh peppermint

Total Points: 99/231

Register of Deaths

Illogical Step x2
Ate deadly nightshade. What did you think was going to happen?