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Part 14: The Beast You Could Do

XIV - The Beast You Could Do

Hello everyone and welcome back. We can now make progress on the Isle of the Beast thanks to some items we got elsewhere!


This is a pretty easy one to figure out after dying to the arrow enough times. King's Quest 6's puzzles remain extremely good and pretty intuitive. It's hard to believe the low point of pie->yeti or peas->blue alien was just a single game ago, huh?

Alexander decides to pass through the gate--preparing the shield just in case.

The magic arrow completely shatters the shield! Good thing the arrow didn't hit Alexander!
Sorry about the arrow, friend.
The stone archer looks resigned and does not reply.

The animation's kinda jank, but that can be forgiven.


With the gardener gone, Alexander can see that the garden plot is hardly more than a fresh patch of dirt.

Welp. Shamir is pretty good at his job, but not good enough. Looks like it's appearances over all else. Anyway, the way forward seems clear so...


Alexander walks forward to step onto the gazebo....

But the rose hedges on either side of the path, sensing an intruder's presence, reach out their vines and blend together! The path is blocked!

Normally we'd be blocked again, but because we went to the Druids first, we're prepared now! But first...

white flower

Alexander takes a magnificent white rose from the rose hedges.

We're gonna need a couple of these. But we can only carry one at a time.

The rose has a hue of the purest white.
This rose feels unusually soft to Alexander.

Alexander wields the scythe, determined to get past the magical rose hedges. The leaves fly as Alexander tries to cut the branches faster than they can grow back together! He sees light.... He's through!

Beast's Theme

<GROWL!> Who dares enter Beast's garden?
My name is Alexander. I didn't mean to disturb your private garden.
NO? And yet, Monsieur, you could hardly have 'accidentally' broken through the three enchanted traps of the Isle of the Beast!
Er.... I suppose it is simply my nature to break through enchanted traps.
<Grrr> You must be a prince, then. I know the nature of princes all too well.
It's really the nature of my family if I'm being honest. My father, my syster, myself... the only one of us who hasn't done something like this is my mother.
Give it time. Enchantments and adventure follow royalty like flies to honey.
This face you see before you is hideous, is it not?
Well...for the face of a beast, it is really quite noble.
Ha! I'm glad you like it, for you will soon own one just like it. I, too, was once a pretty prince--caring for nothing but adventuring and rescuing fair maidens. But I rankled one too many evil hags. One dark night, I was turned into this obscenity you see before you; warped in shape and trapped on this enchanted island over a hundred years ago.
My father preferred to deal with the hags more permanently. He pushed one into her cauldron, trapped another in a genie's bottle...
Well, your father is not here in front of me. Have you dealt with an evil hag?
Er... no.
I thought not.

Surely, there is a way off this island.
Oh, surely. You broke in, did you not? And yet, think; where would I go clad so 'eloquently' as I am with this silk--and this PELT? You see, my prison is also my sanctuary. You are the first to break through the barriers in lo these many years. That is--except for the Druids who stole my heirloom coat of arms!
So you haven't left the island? At all?
Did you not just hear me? Where would I go? WHY would I leave?
But the Queens on the Isle of Wonder said that you stole...
I didn't steal ANYTHING boy! I prefer to be alone in my misery. Why would I want their awful screaming rock disrupting my peace and quiet all day and night?

If there's any way I can help....
Help? You? I'm afraid you don't understand. The enchanted barriers were a warning and protection for YOU more than for me. Your prize for forcing your way past them is to join me in this dire life. By the laws of this sorcery, you are doomed to be trapped in the form of a beast. Your reward for broaching this garden is to be my slave, a slave as beastly as I am. You have only a few hours of humanity left.
Look, I spent eighteen years as a slave...
Good. That means you're used to it. Be prepared to spend much, much longer as one this time.

There must be some way to break the enchantment! Spells always have a weakness somewhere.
The enchantment you are under is tied to my own. The sorceress left me a 'way out,' all right, but I'm afraid it was only her final bitter joke. You see, I need only find a maiden to join me here; to share my castle, my life... willingly. Take another look at me. You can't help but admire the hag's terrible cruelty and cunning.
I shall try to find such a maid, for Cassima's sake.
The Princess? You do realize that she is, probably right at this moment, preparing for her wedding to the vizier, right? Don't look so surprised boy. I have a magical mirror that lets me see all that happens in this kingdom.
I shall try regardless. No offense milord, but I'd rather not be stuck as a beast.
Nor would I, but neither of us have much choice in the matter. Regardless...
How determined of you. I, personally, would not waste my last few hours as a man on an impossible errand. However, you may do as you please. I give you this token. It's my family ring and the only heirloom I have left. If, perchance, you should.... If you think you have found a maid.... <Grrrf>
I shall give her this ring.
Yes. She must accept it of her own free will. By doing so, she accepts me. Not that you shall find anyone, mind you! Your time is short. Count the minutes on your fingers while fingers you have, pretty prince. Your master will await you.

Beast's ring is made of pure, heavy gold and bears an insignia possibly related to Beast's princely past.
Alexander can't break Beast's spell! The ring needs to be given to a maiden.

This actually starts an invisible timer counting down.

According to a calculator that I found, we have about 3 and a half minutes to find someone.

That doesn't sound like a lot of time, but it's not a hard puzzle. You can count on one hand the number of maidens Alex has seen in his journey, and two of them are inaccessible princesses. So that just leaves a single person.

Alexander feels a strange sensation come over him.... His skin begins to itch.... His head throbs....
UH-<growl> OH!

Transforming into a Beast Part 1

Transforming into a Beast Part 2

To put it another way, you have to go well out of your way to get a game over here. I literally stood around waiting for over 3 minutes to trigger this one.

Your first time playing, you might not realize Beast wasn't lying when he said you have "mere minutes" but that only catches you by surprise once. And you're playing a King's Quest game, so you know by now to save fucking constantly. So even being taken by surprise by this game over will only put you back at most 5 minutes.

through arch

Beauty Belle is for once somewhere we can actually talk to her. So let's not waste the opportunity.

Good day, maid. My name is Alexander. How do you do?
I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not allowed to talk to strangers.

We've seen that she likes flowers, roses especially. And we have a beautiful white rose, so...

Pardon me, maid. I hope you don't think me forward, but I see that you like roses. I thought you might perhaps like a fresh white rose.
Alexander can see the conflict in the girl's pretty face as she fights between her distrust of him and her desire for the white rose. The rose wins.
Oh, I shouldn't, sir, but it is SO lovely! I've never seen a rose of white. It looks so pale and delicate! Wherever did you find one of such a color?
There are many hedges of them on the Isle of the Beast, and they grow together like magic!
Oh, truly? What an adventure that must be to see them! But I should not speak so, especially to a stranger. Thank you for the rose, though, kind sir.

And now that she's not too shy to talk to us...

Do you live in this house, maid?
Well.... my stepmother and her children live here. I live out back in the stables.
Your stepmother? Then you are not thought you
A servant? I am, I suppose. You see, my mother died and my father remarried. He passed on shortly afterwards. My stepmother has no obligation to feed and clothe me. I only try to repay her for my upkeep as best I can.
I see. It sounds like she's taken your inheritance for her own and is using you as a slave.
Oh, you shouldn't say such things, sir. Like I said, she's under no obligation to take care of me, and yet she does.
It sounds like you're taking care of her.
She owns the house, sir.

Is there anything I can do for you, maid? You look tired and hungry.
I'm just fine, sir.
You don't seem fine. Not at all. Tell me, why do you not leave this place?
Where could I go? What would I do? <sigh> Besides, I don't really mind the work and I would miss my roses. I'm sorry, sir, but I don't want my stepmother to see me talking to you. She would be upset with me.

I actually didn't realize there was all this dialogue with Belle here. It's kinda neat learning something new about this game even 28 years later. Anyway, Belle here is obviously who we give the ring to, so...

Alexander has a thought about the serving girl. He decides to bring up the subject of Beast with her
Let me tell you about the place where the white roses grow.
The serving girl sighs quietly, but looks once more at Alexander, prepared to listen to the story.
The Isle of the Beast is an enchanted place. There's a path running through a deep forest. The path crosses three magic blockades, set to keep all visitors away. At the center lives a tremendous beast.
All of her annoyance at being disturbed melts away as Alexander paints a picture with the story he's telling. Before too long, she's hanging on his every word.
Really? Magic blockades? How exciting! What kind of a beast? Is it very terrifying and ferocious?
It is a beast that walks on two legs and dresses like a prince. It speaks with the voice of a man.
A beast that talks and wears clothes? How is that possible? Is the beast magic, too?
Not magical--enchanted. Beast was once a prince, but a witch trapped him in the form of a beast and set him on the island. There he lives in a castle in the midst of a maze.
The girl sounds excited about the magic and enchantment. But despite her obvious fascination in the story, it is plain that her heart goes out to poor Beast just from Alexander's description.
How terrible! Imagine how lonely he must be!
It IS a very lonely prospect, isn't it? <sigh> I have met him, you see. He is indeed ferocious, but who would not be?
He really exists? How it breaks my heart! If I could, I would tend to such a beast. Such a beast might find comfort in a kind face--do you not think it so?
Oh, I think it so. I very much think it so. You would not be afraid of him?
Afraid? Maybe at first.... But how silly of me to speak so! The roses in this little yard are the only magic I will ever see.
I could take you there. In fact, I would owe you my life if you would go--if you truly wish to go.
You are serious? I could leave here? I have always dreamt of leaving, but to actually go.... This is the only home I have ever known
Home IS a hard place to leave--even if you're unhappy there.
You sound like you have personal experience.
Like you, I used to be a servant. I was the slave of a cruel wizard for most of my life. Leaving behind everything I knew was the hardest thing I had ever done. But I do not regret it. Doing so led me home to my loving family. My real family.
What about the cruel wizard?
I made sure that he wouldn't bother anyone ever again.
Your story has convinced me...
I WILL go. If I can help him, I must go!

Is there nothing you wish to take with you?
There is nothing. I would rather not think about this place anymore.
I understand.
Then take this ring. It is his. He will be pleased if you would wear it.
Why, it's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Thank you kindly, sir.

Belle! Where do you think YOU'RE going?
To a place where roses grow--and to someone who truly needs me.
You can't leave! I forbid it!
Just watch me, stepmother.

The lizard behind Belle has golden eyes. Thankfully Shamir isn't here to try and disrupt things. He's only here to spy.

I see you wear my ring. You willingly agree to spend your life here with me? Do you know what that means?
Yes, m'lord, I do. I have been touched by your story.
Pity alone need not sentence you to endure this face.
Oh, but it is a gentle face, and kind.
You look at me so sweetly and are not repulsed.... Oh! By the light of your eyes my spirit soars!
*to himself* This is starting to sound oddly familiar...

The enchantment! It is broken!
I am pleased to have served you, m'lord. Do you still wish me to stay?
What? Speak not such nonsense, Beauty! Do you think that I learned nothing of true love during my time here? You are my queen.

Beauty & the Beast Together

I swear, the soundfont on this track gives me very strong King's Quest VII vibes.

Oh! My clothes...! This gown...!
How well it suits your noble heart.
Alexander, how can I ever repay you? I have nothing to offer except my gratitude. But, please, take these old clothes. Perhaps you'll find someone in need during your travels.
You have already repaid me by your example of courage, Beauty, and by your friendship, I hope.
You will always have our friendship and loyalty, Prince Alexander. But from a fellow adventurer, take some advice. If you find your true love, protect her with your life. We are all beasts without the redeeming humanity of love. And to aid you, accept my mirror. Now that my life is no longer hung in false shadows, I have no need for it. Give it to someone with nothing to fear from the truth it reveals.
Thank you. I wish you both well.
Come, Beauty. Let me take you home.

Off they walk together through the maze.

And that's quite enough of that for now. This, believe it or not, is actually the gate of the endgame. We have almost everything we need to infiltrate the castle if we were doing the short ending path. But we're not, so we still have a very long, difficult road ahead.

NEXT TIME: Gotta make the rounds and get a lot of items. The next exam puzzle is coming up soon!

List of Points

+3 - Shield beats arrow
+1 - A rose, pure as white
+3 - Alex is a pretty good gardener
+1 - Robbie Benson talks to himself
+2 - Flirted with Belle
+2 - Alex liked it, so he put a ring on it
+2 - Beauty and the Beast

Total Points: 137/231

Register of Deaths

Whee whee whee all the way home